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February 23rd, 2020   

 We offer over 50 classes broken down into Five Tiers from Beginner to Master level. Please follow the link below to see our complete listing of classes offered here with descriptons. *Note: Classes other than beginner level will require prerequisites.







 About our classes:

  • All classes are held online and are 'live.'
  • Classes are attended through private online chat sessions that can be accessed with any web browser or chat client.
  • Access to the student forum for the class will be given prior to the class start date.
  • Classes are approximately 90 minutes long where material is presented by faculty. Students are encouraged to participate in the discussion and ask questions.
  • Typically, an 'exercise' is given each week for students to work on during the week and then discuss their results in the next class

For continuing students - advanced classes are listed in the member forum

  •  * Although has 'only' been around since 1998 (ancient by internet standards), Niteshad started teaching shamanism online in 1993.


beach-tripodShamanscave has brought back the public forums! We feel the time is right to discuss all things shamanic, especially relating to the Maker tradition and its practices. Your participation is encouraged! 

The initial forum categories for discussion are:

  • General
  • Dreaming
  • Healing
  • Shamanscave / The Maker Tradition

Registration is required, and new users must be validated by our staff. This is to keep down on spam and noise. Like any moderated forum, we have community rules and guidelines which much be adhered to.

Join the discussion now!

curving-pathThe ShamansCave website has served as a light for shamanic seekers for many years, and it must evolve, much as any walker of the shamanic path must.  The first major site revamp in many years is now live!  

The look and interface has been modernized, and the content re-structured.  The new form will allow for more updates and new features.  There are interface menus along the top, and the article content can be browsed along the left.  

What do you think of the new look?  Do you have comments or suggestions?

Please give us your feedback if you do!  All feedback is appreciated, whether positive or negative.

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