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       ( 7 weeks) -Online course-  Course fee: $65 

  • Starts Friday, December 8th, 2021; Time: 10:00 PM ET (US)
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  • It is no coincidence that the word for poet in Scottish is Makaar, or Makar, as derived from the ancient Greek word meaning “to make”, or that the ancient term many shamans call themselves is Maker, illustrating the energetically active role the blanket term Shaman uses for those who practice energy work, be it in the role of a healer, artist, or both, or any of the roles a shaman uses to accomplish their intent. If you are a poet who is shamanically bent or energetically different, or a shaman who is called to write poetry, then this class is for you.

    One of the strongest instigators of social evolution and the highest linguistic art form, poets use words as their aesthetic medium to weave prosody and render universal human experiences that attests, stand witness, heals and moves our hearts and cores to sublime spaces. On the other hand, Makers, specifically shamans who follow an old European shamanic tradition known as the Maker Tradition, or Path of the Heart, are not unlike poets. In fact, many of them are poets, only Makers use energy as their primary medium to stand witness, move, and heal the world. Most poets, like shamans, are energetically bent, different from the mainstream, perched in their liminal position in the world, quietly perceiving and doing what they are called to do from behind the scenes. In fact, most poets are drawn to some form of shamanic or other energetic path, and it is this fire within them that drives them to create. Shamans are also, in the words of Frank Bidart, creatures who need to make… imagine: what if one could combine shamanic energetic practices with poetics?

    This seven-week course culminating in a zoom workshop will explore the energetic relationship between shamanic energy work and writing poetry and how to combine the two practices. The class will provide shamans at any level (even those who are still in training and have retrieved an abundance of energy from their self-healing work and are called to write poetry) the opportunity to learn some of the poetic maneuvers of the “craft and form” as an outlet for shamanic energetic practices. In other words, how to use poetry to enact energetic movements to further their intents as outcomes in the world. In turn, it will offer poets at any level in their careers a glimpse into some shamanic energetic practices as well as a deeper understanding of what dreaming energy is, the energies of Intent, Perception, among other energies that shamans develop and regularly use, and how to incorporate these energies into their poetics to amplify the resonance and impact of their work.

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