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  • Quicksilver - Shamanic Perception and Awareness

    At the heart of all life lies awareness, the innate ability to touch upon energies beyond our own, to be aware of them at all. Perception frames and holds up the world as we know it. For the shaman, the ability to manipulate and control these parts of their energy are the underpinnings of the shamanic journey. Mastery of awareness and perception opens up the inner and outer universe.

    This class explores what awareness and perception really are, how they are different, and how they interact. In this 7-week course, we begin the process of breaking open the sliver of perception we have been handed down.


    • Quicksilver meets on Sunday mornings at 11 AM ET (US), 5PM CET (EU)
    • Classes will begin Sunday, June 19th, 2022 at 11AM ET (US) 5PM CET (EU)
    • The cost for this class is $65
  • Recapitulation I EU
    ( 8 weeks) -Online course - Course fee: $75 
    • Start date; Wendesday, June 1st, 2022, Time: 10:00 PM CET (UTC+1) This will be the same class material as the USA version, just held at times more conducive to Europeans. You are welcome to sign up for whatever class fits your schedule best, regardless of your location

    Self Healing deals with the techniques of the recapitulation practice and the methods involved in reclaiming your personal energy, healing the wounds of the past and learning to understand what is yours and what is not in the world. Niteshad (Gary Mills) has written extensively about the recapitulation as practice as well as other methods for healing the self. This class will be run in eight week sessions, simply because the nature of the practice requires a longer period of time to begin and assess. Self healing is a process and can take time, the class is designed to allow people to move at their own pace as individual needs require

    The theory of recapitulation is simple. Every interaction you have had with other people in your life has tied up personal energy. Each memory you have requires energy to keep it alive and maintain the emotions you have about the encounter. Over the course of a lifetime, you invest enormous amounts of energy in these things and they drain you, make you miserable, and create behavior in the present predicated on the energies of the past. You will be surprised after doing even a partial recapitulation at how much energy it was taking on a daily basis to keep those things from the past alive in the present.

    An 8-week class exploring recapitulation practices for self-healing.

  • Dreaming I - Waking the Dreamer Within

    The shaman walks a world which is both awake and asleep, but neither one completely. This class is not a dream interpretation and lucid dreaming class - it goes much deeper. We begin to frame the dreaming side of the shaman's world, see how and why it's used, how dreaming touches upon everything. To seek the shamanic path, the dreamer must awaken, must step beyond the confines of everyday dreams and thoughts, fears and nightmares, and open up a larger vision.

    Dreaming as a shamanic practice is explored in depth in order to understand, control, and move through dreaming energy. The focus of this first class is our dreaming energy from the asleep position, but it also touches upon awake dreaming.


    • Dreaming I meets on Wednesay evenings, 10 PM ET (US)
    • Classes will begin Wednesday, June 1st, 2022 at 10 PM ET (US)
    • The cost for this class is $65
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 About our classes:

  • All classes are held online and are 'live.'
  • Classes are attended through private online chat sessions that can be accessed with any web browser or chat client.
  • Access to the student forum for the class will be given prior to the class start date.
  • Classes are approximately 90 minutes long where material is presented by faculty. Students are encouraged to participate in the discussion and ask questions.
  • Typically, an 'exercise' is given each week for students to work on during the week and then discuss their results in the next class

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  •  * Although has 'only' been around since 1998 (ancient by internet standards), Niteshad started teaching shamanism online in 1993.


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