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Polishing Rocks


There is a core in human energy, a nugget, a place where we know the essence of will, power, and intent - the place where it connects us to all creation.  This is the place you're moving towards.

Rock polishing is an old practice that traps the attention to allow movement, or trance. Get two buckets; fill one with rocks.  Plain old river rocks will do just fine.  Also find a rag to polish them.  Take them out of the bucket, one at a time, polish, and place into the other bucket.   Just keep polishing them one after the other, thinking about polishing rocks, and before you know it, you're somewhere else.

polishing rocks png

You're still polishing rocks, but you're somewhere else.  The polishing brings you into contact with that energy, which is an earth energy, and creates motion and movement in your hands and traps your attention.  And if you have formed a specific Intent, you might be amazed.  You may realize in a flash - usually happens that way initially - and you stop and think, "What was that?"  At first you won't even be able to quite recover it, you'll just have the sense that something happened - you went somewhere.   But after a number of experiences you start realizing, "Oh my God, I was somewhere else, and time wasn't an issue.  I was looking at something."  Then you'll see the whole thing.

You have to establish your own pace on how long you polish each rock.  If I set a time limit, it would be my time limit, and that isn't the point at all.  You use more than one rock because just one rock would get tired.  The idea is to create a process of motions and intents.  The key, then, is to do a number of them.  That way there is movement - to do just one all the time would tend to create stasis.

You can either drop them into the bucket, or place them gently.  They don't generally mind a little dropping.  They're pretty tough that way.  It creates a rhythm if you get it going right which is almost like drumming, and as they pile up, like clacking.  Eventually you will have to act shamanically in some place where there are all kinds of distractions.  You might as well learn the concentration and focus up front.

You may be polishing for a long time, but don't give up.  All of a sudden, you'll realize you've been 'gone'.  What happens is those 'spaces' you can't recall right now will begin to filter in to your conscious mind.  Things can get pretty odd; until finally, it gets so bad your brain just gives up.  The visions can become overpowering, then obsessive, then the mind tries to deal with them by making you afraid of them. Then it gives you the sense you are seeing things that give you great power.  Then, if you haven't gotten so old you're dead, you will see through the mask of your reason and begin to really move.

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