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Using Water for Self-Healing


Water can take you where you want to go.  The sound of moving water, whether it is a drip, or a flowing river is a powerful natural force for movement and trance.

Water on our planet connects everything; we ourselves are eighty five percent water.  It is just an issue of allowing it to fill your awareness and giving yourself to its movement; of opening your own energy to connect with energies outside yourself - connecting the water in you to the larger waters.

The elements are very powerful, and we are all made up of them so that gives us sort of a natural foothold from which to begin.

There are exercises to increase our ability to align our energy with each of the elements.  The following is an exercise designed to help use the element of water in a way that energetically aligns us and grounds us to and through the power of water.  Do not be fooled by its simplicity - it is a very powerful exercise/tool and key to working directly with energy.  The intent with this exercise is to become more fluid - to allow the point of awareness, or worldview, to shift just a little by aligning your energy with this element; and, to open your energy to the possibilities offered by working with the element of water.


1. Fill a bathtub with water.  You may add salts to it, if you desire.

2. Leave the water dripping slowly so that you can hear it.

3. Get in the tub.  Relax.  Center your energy in the quiet within.  Begin to concentrate on the sound of the dripping water.

4. Let the sound get VERY loud - increase your concentration and focus on the sound of the water.  You have no thoughts.  You are one with the water.

5. Ask the water to help you.  Visualize the water flowing through you, washing away your pain (or reason for doing the exercise).  Begin to watch your flow of thoughts and see what the water opens within you.  Let the water wash through - loosening up your energy and the 'stuff' that is stuck in your energy.  Let everything just flow or wash away.  Let the water move you until you are moving with the water. Feel the power of Water.

6. You can set an Intent or ask a question - a very narrow, focused question.  Watch the images that come to your mind as you observe.  Notice the images, but don't hold onto them.  Let everything go.  Observe what is shifting in your energy as you do this exercise.  Watch them go past your awareness.  Feel stress, anxiety, problems flow away with the energy of the water.

7. Make note of any insights that come to you during this time.  After about 20 minutes, minimum, release the water, and, as an option, sit in the tub until it all drains away.  Let your stress, your pain, your burdens drain away with the water.

8. Thank the water for helping you.

As an option, if you don't have a tub, or cannot get in and out of one, dripping water in a sink basin can be used as well.  There should be water accumulated in the sink, then let the faucet drip into it - the sound of water into water.  You can lie nearby and focus on the sound that way.  The sound of falling rain can also be used as well.

Water can be very grounding.  Feel yourself connected to the powerful, primary element of our planet. See how you, like the water, are connected to all things on, above and below the earth.  Let the water work it's healing magic on you.  Flow through you.  You are the water.

Do you need to set an intent with water?  Or can you just flow and see what you see?

Intent is always the key with any of the exercises.  Intent is everything.  When doing this exercise, a person should set his or her own intent; it should be narrow and precise, and nothing else should get in the way.  Then apply will to it, and let it take you where you intended to start with.  An example would be to simply see the exact moment in time when you first fell to a certain weakness in your energy.  And that's all, nothing else, find the problem first then figure out how to attack it.

How does the sound of the water assist the journey process?

The sound draws you into the energy of the water itself, you become more fluid - nothing else sounds like dripping water.  You can journey with water as deeply as any other form of journeywork; in fact, water can take you where other things cannot.  Water's intent is fluidity and movement.

So, the drip of the faucet is like the beat of the drum or the clack of the rocks?

Yes, exactly - sound through the air produced from an element.

It's all so simple really.  No big rituals, no waving of rocks or anything - just go!