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Welcome to the Shamans Cave blogs by faculty members and invited guests. All the blog articles reference topics in shamanism and the maker tradition in particular. You must be a registered user to comment on any of the blog articles.

An Other Cliff Note

    It sounds so simple when said this way: develop your dreaming body on the asleep side first, which by of its own volition will begin to come out to roam in the physical world when you are asleep in the dreamscape. A simultaneous inversion of sorts. Over there and over here become only one field without a ...


Trunks Full of Energy

In 2006 I stopped the world. I quit my job, packed up personal objects & mementos I wanted to keep into a six trunks to store at my parents. Then, armed with two suitcases, I moved to another continent with a primary intent of meeting working and practicing with shamans who were energetically similar, the other to ...

energy Energetic threads

Psychiatric therapy, Meditation, Recapitulation?

I have never been to a shrink. I've talked things out with friends, with my Maker teachers as I went through my years of intensive healing and needed to talk things out, but my only exposure to psychology has been through books that have referred to certain clinical therapeutic approaches. For example, in one book in healing personal trauma, I lear...


I See

Driving home at dusk on a winding road. I can feel deer. A couple minutes later I come up behind two cars, the first with its blinker lights on, a young buck sauntering across the road.  The car in front of me continues as the first one switches its blinkers off and pulls ahead so I push hard with my energy on the second: this one da...


A Great Responsibility

During the late spring of 2020, when the pandemic was in full swing and everyone lucky enough was just about used to working from home, a housing development project kicked off in full swing in the edge of our backyard. Sounds of construction were at an all-time high, but we dealt with it. When we discovered that an apartment complex was now schedu...


Force v. Power

While power is a force, force itself isn't really power. Even though at face value it might appear to be, force is no more than a sudden gale that knocks over a few chairs and carries away a paper plate or two before it disappears. I've learned this through personal experience, which is the best way to learn a truth. Power is a steadfastness in bot...