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Welcome to the Shamans Cave blogs by faculty members and invited guests. All the blog articles reference topics in shamanism and the maker tradition in particular. You must be a registered user to comment on any of the blog articles.

Caught Somewhere in Time

I awoke that morning to the sound of people talking in the other room..... Opening my eyes I think how beautiful the mountains are in the distance, all purplish in the early golden light. Wait, there aren't any mountains near. I blink and the normal view is framed by the window. Well, whatever. Smelling that wonderful aroma of freshly brewed coffee...


To be Known and Understood

Sometimes I wonder if every human alive has a "hole in their heart". Where did it come from, why is it there? Too many differing reasons and views on that and it's not the concern here. What is of concern is a particular pair of intertwined expectations that are used in an attempt to fill that hole, creating havoc and mayhem, misinterpretation...


Maker does Holiday

'Tis the season and what a season it is. Expectations coupled with emotions all cozied up with traditions. Gatherings, traveling, meeting up with family, friends, and acquaintances, inducing excitement or anxiety. Either way, high spirits often mask what's lurking just beneath the surface - the past. You know, the holiday persona that comes out of ...


Gratitude… Moved to Tears

When was the last time you were moved to tears? Overwhelming emotion attached to nothing specific other than the exquisiteness in the perfection of the moment, bringing a tear to your eye? "Can't remember". "Not really, no". "Ummmm, maybe …"  Came across a curiosity from my past yesterday. A list entitled, "Things I love", numbered t...


So You Want To Be A Shaman – Personal Reflection

Why would you want to? (Article's question.) So, you want to be a shaman (shamanscave.com) The article "spoke" to me, I checked off all the boxes. If, as you read, there's even an inkling of: "been there", describes my world, it's talking to me; and think, you won't have to deal with it because it's already happened… Turn...     &nbs...


Empathy & Moving Energy - Random Acts of a Maker

Today's world offers unlimited opportunities to make a difference in small ways and to practice your skills as a student of the shamanic or moving energy. Are you willing to act in small ways, or must it be advantageously full of "woo woo" (big shamanic term there) before considering? --- She was struggling, that was apparent, and her teenage daugh...


Recapitulation, Romance, and Personal Power

It's a crazy notion thinking you're ever finished with recapping in any of its myriad forms and I'm sure bets were placed behind my back on my latest folly. The longer you move energy as a maker, the faster repercussions are brought to your attention and surprises occur when forgotten intents surface for completion, decades later. ---- During all m...


Within the Shadow Side of Life

Victimization, it's time to die. It's place in the world is changing and the choke-hold grip on personal lives loosening. Self-pity and victimization, resulting from other's destructive words and actions, have become acceptable expressions of one's energy in the world, gaining alignment and agreement. Some people build their lives around it. Global...


Slice and Dice with a Maker

AKA:    Practice on Healing Yourself or Recap - When Bits and Bobs of Emotional Energy Slide Through the Cracks Take your pick. ---- Shiny and new. First try out of the box and I almost take off the top of my thumb. It was a colossal two-part movement. Slow motion. Time shifted. Not comprehending as I watch the knife begin ...


Coming out of Hiding

The predicament is, I really don't want to come out of hiding. Never have, if we're being honest. Even when I was "public" I'd rather not have been. Extrovert extraordinaire in the world. Joyful, crazy silly, to some annoying and obnoxious. People commented on the easy rapport I had with others. Oh yes, and if you were close enough, ...