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Welcome to the Shamans Cave blogs by faculty members and invited guests. All the blog articles reference topics in shamanism and the maker tradition in particular. You must be a registered user to comment on any of the blog articles.

No sense denying it

 I waited for him in the hotel lobby. No sense denying it, this woman was very nervous. I had never met a Shaman before, let alone one called a Maker. How does one prepare for such an auspicious occasion? The only way possible, by being myself, a person over the brink with questions, in the grips of attempting to understand by any means necess...


How to be a (Shamans Cave) Student

Taking an online class is usually the first step for a (Shamans Cave) student. Generally, people approach this in the same way as always. Arrive at the stated time, take a seat, sit down and get ready to take some notes, including the homework. Go home, be excited to learn something new, think about what was said and wait until the last minute to d...