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Welcome to the Shamans Cave blogs by faculty members and invited guests. All the blog articles reference topics in shamanism and the maker tradition in particular. You must be a registered user to comment on any of the blog articles.

Force v. Power

While power is a force, force itself isn't really power. Even though at face value it might appear to be, force is no more than a sudden gale that knocks over a few chairs and carries away a paper plate or two before it disappears. I've learned this through personal experience, which is the best way to learn a truth. Power is a steadfastness in bot...


A Great Responsibility

During the late spring of 2020, when the pandemic was in full swing and everyone lucky enough was just about used to working from home, a housing development project kicked off in full swing in the edge of our backyard. Sounds of construction were at an all-time high, but we dealt with it. When we discovered that an apartment complex was now schedu...