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Welcome to the Shamans Cave blogs by faculty members and invited guests. All the blog articles reference topics in shamanism and the maker tradition in particular. You must be a registered user to comment on any of the blog articles.

Coming out of Hiding

The predicament is, I really don't want to come out of hiding. Never have, if we're being honest. Even when I was "public" I'd rather not have been. Extrovert extraordinaire in the world. Joyful, crazy silly, to some annoying and obnoxious. People commented on the easy rapport I had with others. Oh yes, and if you were close enough, ...


Slice and Dice with a Maker

AKA:    Practice on Healing Yourself or Recap - When Bits and Bobs of Emotional Energy Slide Through the Cracks Take your pick. ---- Shiny and new. First try out of the box and I almost take off the top of my thumb. It was a colossal two-part movement. Slow motion. Time shifted. Not comprehending as I watch the knife begin ...