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Slice and Dice with a Maker


AKA:    Practice on Healing Yourself or

Recap - When Bits and Bobs of Emotional Energy Slide Through the Cracks

Take your pick.


Shiny and new.

First try out of the box and I almost take off the top of my thumb. It was a colossal two-part movement.

Slow motion. Time shifted. Not comprehending as I watch the knife begin slicing my thumb instead of the veggie.

"Stop !!"

What? Why's the knife sticking? Do I need to press harder?

"NO ! STOP !!!"

The blade shifts angles and takes out part of the nail and nail bed instead taking off the whole top part of the thumb.

Quick, put it under running water, clean it out.

"The blood's doing a fine job of that on its own Jean. You're losing buckets here!"

Just snip off the bit dangling there.

"You've got something more important to deal with girl."

Ok, I need to stop the blood and start healing.

"You're lagging."

Half a roll of bloody paper towels in the kitchen sink, the other half wrapped around the offended appendage; blood reduced to a slow drip.

Standing there applying pressure, again debating with myself on what to do with the dangly bit hanging off the end.

Realization hits. The logical move involves a visit to the ER. Without pressure the bleeding refuses to stop.

Nah, don't want the hassle, bandage it up tight.

Scissors for the dangly bit? No, toe-nail clippers will work. Where are they?

Snip skin. Snip. Snip. Now the nail bit.

On a roll.

There are no bandages in the house so I "dress" it as best as I can. Doesn't bleed through so we're ok. Leave it for a week, then reassess.

A week? What about that nail bed and tip and the cut over on the side?

Doesn't it need some type of skin graft, stitches, medication, something? What about the nerves?

"It'll be fine Jean, intent has it covered.  You know the drill – cellular, deepest level upward."

A week passes, the expertly wrapped wad of masking tape and gauze keeps trying to slip off. Best have a look.

Oh my gawd, what's that smell?

"Needs air Jean."

It's not green. That's good.

And no streaks like it's infected.


Got it!!! Hydrogen peroxide… Douse that sucker!

Watch it fizz. Douse some more. Encase it with healing energy for a bit, just to be safe.

Smell? Gone.


Yesterday in the gardens. (10 days have passed since initial "accident")

What's this?

Oh yeah, that 2nd bandage job. Didn't realize it had slipped off.

Look down at the thumb.  Feels wonky but looks pretty good. 

I'll take it as a win! Testimony for the site. 

Maybe not, what healer works that way?



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Saturday, 23 September 2023

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