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Within the Shadow Side of Life


Victimization, it's time to die. It's place in the world is changing and the choke-hold grip on personal lives loosening.

Self-pity and victimization, resulting from other's destructive words and actions, have become acceptable expressions of one's energy in the world, gaining alignment and agreement. Some people build their lives around it. Global movements have been based on it, popular beliefs spring forth from it.

Limited movement forward is actually made.

Tolerance for the "blame game" is waning and a lot of infuriated people will be getting angrier at the realization and inability to use victimization and self-pity as valid agreements for holding up their world.

It's easy to accept responsibility for intending "good experiences" as outcomes,

more difficult to admit your energy, your movements,

placed you in every "bad or horrific event"

via a series of circumstances within and outside of time.

Make no mistake, there is no condoning destructive actions and crusade for change is necessary. What I am asking is an almost impossible task, to shift perception enlarging your view of the world and understanding. To consider the emotions and energy surrounding trauma has multiple vantage points and directions from which one can move.

Tremendous power can be found in self-pity and being a victim. Energy that if detached from its existing position is equally formidable when redirected with the intent for action or regathering the energy by using the recapitulation.

Meanwhile, skillfully employing choices from your shadow side, while denying any self-sabotaging action, keeps the illusion of power, and more importantly manipulation, in place.

Victims for life? Truth? 

Or a disabling belief you let go because it "fixes" rather than heals?

Self-pity, excusable?

Or an agreement with self you decide to end?

What is truth?

The fact is the movement of energy is done every day by every single person. Some people know what they're doing, others do not. How successful or powerful one becomes depends on the person.

This work isn't necessary to be either.

This work and living it daily is about something more difficult.

Healing souls, including our own.

Agreeing to the concept of victimization, labeling yourself or others a victim, is an act of destruction you choose to accept and/or convince others is needed.

The harmed child, now labeled "abused" has been instilled with the idea that it's ok to use personal power to uphold a destructive belief, to remain damaged for life. The door to heal accompanied by the ability to powerfully move energy outward is locked before it's even opened. A vicious cycle enabled, few able to break out of.

Those who manage, redirect the enormous amount of energy previously used to hurt themselves, by maintaining a status quo of "victim", into power. The power to create a new life, using the disabling event as if it was an odd gift they gave themselves in disguise.

They move quite often, quietly, through the world, taking little to no credit for the difference their life's energy makes yet many benefit from their courage, sense of purpose and direction.

Major movement forward is made, for all.

Time is reversed, undone by healing.

The damaging event becomes a story stripped of its ability to wreck chaos and havoc in the present.

Energy no longer being used to uphold a position or influence the direction one moves.

It is dead, time has been unwoven.

Coming to know exactly "who you are," and choosing "how you stand" in the face of any event can be difficult. Aligning with popular beliefs often crippling.

Having the skill, or opportunity to learn how, to move outside of time and see a progression of events rippling outward brings one that much closer to becoming whole.

To owning the connections, we have to each other.

Seeing the commonalities our shadow selves', hold.

The violent cycles we perpetuate.

Know we are as capable of delivering as receiving.

To replace Belief with Truth.

To heal our souls.


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Eman Hassan on Monday, 26 September 2022 01:36

Yes, yes, yes. Thank you.

Yes, yes, yes. Thank you.
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Saturday, 23 September 2023

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