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Empathy & Moving Energy - Random Acts of a Maker


Today's world offers unlimited opportunities to make a difference in small ways and to practice your skills as a student of the shamanic or moving energy. Are you willing to act in small ways, or must it be advantageously full of "woo woo" (big shamanic term there) before considering?


She was struggling, that was apparent, and her teenage daughter impatiently tolerant standing to the side, waiting.

Grocery check-out lines were long, shoppers shifting from foot to foot, debating out loud about moving to another line. Aware people were getting impatient, the woman stayed focused.

An observer might wonder why she was digging through her cart for this or that instead of taking items out one after the other. Most just wanted her to hurry up and move on.

As frustration around me grew, I begin watching the daughter who also wanted her mother to speed up yet knew the reason that wasn't going to happen. She could sense the judgements and opinions being directed at them both, her impatience turning into a slow burn.

We make eye contact, an "understanding" is exchanged.

My attention moves back to the woman working methodically but haphazardly, becoming more internally agitated while maintaining her outward composure. She is not randomly cart diving. She is specifically selecting each item and checking the total as it's added, then deciding what is next in priority.

Empathically images and information take more form filling in the details; this is how the woman has been forced by circumstances to operate in the world, both in attitude and action at the expense of her natural exuberance.

Pushing my energy out to the mother in acknowledgment, I offer assistance and with permission granted begin by calming her and redirecting the emotional energy others are targeting towards her.

Her body shifts and at one point she rolls her shoulders.

The daughter is now sorting items in the cart, anticipating what her mother thinks is most necessary.

Disgruntled shoppers move to other lines immediately, while those that remain start idle conversations or wait patiently involved with their phones.

Demonstrating she was mastering the art of keeping finances in check and a family satisfied; the woman pays, only one item in her cart to be put back on the shelf.


Who doesn't go to the Motor Vehicle office without something to entertain themselves with? An old-fashioned paperback book is stashed in my bag for such occasions.

Sitting down at the young woman's station, I immediately feel the stress carried daily and mounting; completely overwhelmed, she's close to tears. With recent racial upset in our city, she is expecting confrontation, meeting it with a sense of longstanding tiredness rather than defensiveness.

While business is being conducted the young woman mentions my book, how she used to read, is a single mom, in night classes and misses reading for enjoyment. 

An opening.

After energetically asking and receiving permission, I first calm and begin draining her stress downward into the earth. A quick "look" shows points within her energy, seen as nexus points for decisions, are shining brightly. The healing intent illuminates those possible opportunities for movement forward and I push on them delicately, creating a small "dimple" in her energy - a "switch" so to speak, for them to be brought into her awareness as important, when/if applicable. The "dimple" will fade if not used.

New vehicle license plates in hand I stand up to leave, glance around the room, realizing time has stopped, everyone is still. Turning back to the young woman, I extend my hand, she clasps it firmly, tears brim over and begin falling down her cheeks. I respond silently with encouragement and a thank you for the honor of the exchange.


What can you do? Be ready.

Energy depletion for empaths is a real concern often stopping them from movement as they become paralyzed by the other people's emotions. Detachment is a requirement and if learned well releases the empath's energy for use in action moving energy outside, rather than a tumultuous reaction and/or trying to exclude what is being received. 

Detachment and Compassion (shamanscave.com)


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Eman Hassan on Wednesday, 19 October 2022 17:35
Guest - stacey pea on Thursday, 03 November 2022 00:20

thank you so much for this one!

thank you so much for this one!
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