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Recapitulation, Romance, and Personal Power


It's a crazy notion thinking you're ever finished with recapping in any of its myriad forms and I'm sure bets were placed behind my back on my latest folly.

The longer you move energy as a maker, the faster repercussions are brought to your attention and surprises occur when forgotten intents surface for completion, decades later.


During all my time at the Cave I've been warned,

"Summoning cabana boys for menial jobs is not what the work is for."

I admit, help in the gardens a delight but there was no intentional summoning. He literally walked onto my property, engaging in conversation of his own free will. Greatly surprised me. From choice, romance hadn't made any attempts to reach me for over 15 years. Major red flags went up.

The searing questions became,

"Why is this man here now? Something is amiss."

And the constant background chatter?

"Have to get this right. Do it right. Last chance."

A pattern in partners had been recapped extensively, making my current situation mystifying.

An amazing outcome of the recap, if you use the tool regularly, is discovering

all the answers about you and your life, can be found within.

What connections had I missed? My energy responded in a "mysterious" way.

A book fell off the shelf, its title included the words soul mates.

"Of course, how had I not seen it? He truly believes in it."

A highly popular concept in the 1970's that I intended for my life, later abandoning. There it was, an intent, languishing for 45 years. I proceed to unravel that concept from my energy.

Question one answered. I feel a shift occur.

Excited for "date night", I arrive at the romantic interest's house in high spirits. He comments on how "weird" I'm "acting", visibly agitated by it, while ignoring several requests to decide on dinner plans.

Anyone familiar with the following scenario?

The personality quirks and characteristics that attract someone to you

are the exact ones that end up driving a partner away.

In the name of "compromise",

I'd slowly gut myself by throwing my weird bits and pieces into a box.

My heart sinks. I realize the current situation is not going to end well unless I change and compromise. Considering it, I immediately do what makers call a "living recap". My stomach growls louder bringing me back and into shock.

Relationship ties had been severed by the gentleman and I'm in my vehicle returning home.

It took less than 53 minutes.

Question two answered. My energy had taken the opportunity to connect two points.

A forgotten romantic intent brought someone whose energy would expose where I was bleeding away personal power.

I had indeed "got it right", there would be no more throwing the weird parts into a box. There hadn't been a box for many years. 

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Guest - stacey pea on Thursday, 03 November 2022 00:22

that second to last line is a healing slam!

that second to last line is a healing slam!
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Saturday, 23 September 2023

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