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So You Want To Be A Shaman – Personal Reflection


Why would you want to? (Article's question.)

So, you want to be a shaman (shamanscave.com)

The article "spoke" to me, I checked off all the boxes.

If, as you read, there's even an inkling of: "been there", describes my world, it's talking to me; and think, you won't have to deal with it because it's already happened…

Turn...        Run...     As fast as you can...

"The most effective way to destroy people is to deny and obliterate their own understanding of their history."     –  George Orwell.

Are you prepared to do such a thing to yourself?

It just happens Old George's descriptive words sum up the process of self-healing. One of those ironies. A required process, if there's any hope of making sense out of living with this insanity.

What I'm saying is, there is no picking and choosing of what stays and what goes. Not in the beginning.

There's no control of "when".

The forces of energy don't give a shit if you decide you're ready or not. (This never changes by the way.)

If you step off the cliff, there's only you.


And if you think you are alone now, and that it won't be an obstacle, think again. 

Seriously because,

it's the state you'll be in for the rest of your earthly life,

if you go down this rabbit hole.

Let's clarify alone and loneliness, distinguish they aren't one and the same. Introvert or extrovert aside, it makes no difference.

The moment the umbilical cord is cut, is the moment we experience what it is to be alone. The moment, as humans we begin an awakened journey of reaching and searching for connections, at any cost.

It is a moment from which future misunderstanding often arise. This I am aware of.

We are taught "alone" is difficult, can create dis-ease and disease. To thrive, engagement with people is required. Unaccompanied, the ultimate heights of joy and love will be unattainable. Culture screams we need purpose and others. Proceeds to provide us guidance; on what and who, is and is not acceptable.

Some "one", some "thing", some "practice or belief" will ease the ache, fill the void, and really?

"It's not natural."

"What's wrong with you?"

Humans carve time out of life to be alone, a respite from the pressures imposed upon us daily, and then proceed to fill it with activities of one sort or another, often accompanied by music, television, "noise".

All well and good … and enough for some. Venturing back into the world, they settle for X number of days or months to pass before, overwhelmed and stressed, it's time to find "alone time" or sitting in a crowd feeling totally alone, again, unable to pinpoint when loneliness slipped in.

Why equate alone with loneliness?

Who says alone is without connections or intimacy?

Why agree and believe any of that?

The real question is, are you willing and able to recede into nothing to become whole?


The nexus point of all the connections you are made of

A position of power



Guarded fiercely for the haven it is.

Makers do with it whatever we intend. 


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