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Psychiatric therapy, Meditation, Recapitulation?

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I have never been to a shrink. I've talked things out with friends, with my Maker teachers as I went through my years of intensive healing and needed to talk things out, but my only exposure to psychology has been through books that have referred to certain clinical therapeutic approaches. For example, in one book in healing personal trauma, I learned of a method where a psychiatrist has their patient recollect past certain traumatic events and talk about them. Or Freud's fascination with dreams and dream symbology-- which shamans know is a lower level of the vast world of asleep dreaming-- and that dreaming symbols are personal to the dreamer and not a cookie-cutter approach to all people when they dream. If I dream of cookies, for example, it might be my dreaming energy pointing out to me that I should look at my relationship with cookies and that there sis something there for me, pure energy, just under the surface of the dream that is waiting for me to look at and realize it as a healing opportunity.

I have meditated though. In fact, I meditated daily for years, especially during my last two years as an undergrad. I loved it. My sessions would go on for one or two hours. I had more energy, more focus, more of a 'light and love' attitude in the world... it was great in a way because I went from being a C+/B- student to an A/A+ student. Interestingly enough, as someone who is naturally bent as an active dreamer, my dreaming activity grew in leaps and bounds-- but I will say that I had also "intended" to develop myself as an active dreamer during this time too, so in looking back, it was not just the shift in my energetic resonance that meditation can provide that helped my dreaming activity, but also my intent to be more of an active asleep-dreamer...

...Guess what happened to me when I stopped meditating, though?

I started to feel... different. I called it 'I feel like I'm becoming sick' and thought I needed to spend more time alone, which I did, but in the end all the euphoria and a lot of that positivity faded. I became more disappointed with the world and people around me. I lost my zen.

I have the greatest respect for the act of meditation: I really do. My point is, while psychotherapy and meditation are helpful tools in their own right, they are incomplete tools. Many people in my life have sought therapy for years and it has helped them uncover past trauma and some of the cause/effect patterns in their lives. Similarly, meditation really gets your serotonin levels and your delta waves active and does wonderful things for you- you can look them up online they are many, but when you stop meditating, their effects wane and eventually leave your beingness.

My point is: both psychotherapy and meditation, to me, all short when it comes to self-improvement and self-healing because why they might uncover and address the symptoms, they don't actually heal... your energy. Recapitulation does. In fact, it does more than heal your energy, it retrieves the energy you have lost over the course of your life. The healing you get from doing a full recapitulation of your life is pretty much permanent. It doesn't just uncover a toxic pattern in your life as an epiphany, it fills in the grooves and trenches that pattern has made in your overall energy.

Energy retrieval in the act of self-healing is the missing ingredient. It's long-lasting, even permanent change. Plus it's for free. Well, there's the initial nominal class fee here at Cave Shamans if you want to learn it, but once you do, you become your own shrink and get into that meditative state as you embark on your own personal journey of self-healing, aka energy retrieval.

If everyone in the world practiced recapitulation, imagine what a different world we might be living in. When Makers get together, it is a real treat just from the sense that we are sitting in a group of people who are energetically healed or on their way to achieving that.

There's nothing like it. It is life-changing, life-saving. It gives you back to you.

But why should you take my word for it? I like to come to my own conclusions from my firs-hand experiences. As a Maker-colleague once said to on a note to a stranger, "recapitulate: I dare you."


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Wednesday, 31 May 2023

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