Q&A Session October 6th 2016

We're having another discussion night, so just to go over the very few rules, just type a ? when you have a question and we'll try to answer them in order,  other than that, blaze away.

I don't have question really, just a verification of what I've understood so far.  It’s that we are This energy which is creative, powerful, all encompassing, loving energy and  I’m revered and humbled knowing that.  However, I don't wake up every morning high giving everyone coz I'm feeling the awesomeness of life.

Me neither.

And because my consciousness is in service of my mind.

Well, we're human and not perfect.

So what I experienced is the opposite, so there was a massive memory loss along the way. Whatever that energy called it appears to me that It allows us to forget who we really are but same time requires us to remember, sounds crazy.

Nah, we do crazy here. Yes, we exist as something of a paradox of energy when you think about it, but being human and certainly imperfect doesn't mean we're failing. If anything when you recognize it this way it means you can see the potential, a lot of people don't and through that you can reshape your own energy to better suit your goals  but it's not going to be perfect every day.

If I get back my memory of who I am, it means I could do powerful intent?

Yes and actually that should be your first powerful intent, to understand all of who you are, even the imperfect bits.


I hope that helps a bit.

Yes indeed.

Will you speak to what practice or set of practices, if you know of any, one can use to strengthen the 'muscles' used to discern where telepathic communications are coming from?

Well, yes, there are a lot and they sound pretty dumb, but they work over time. Start with animals, they often don't care much to deal with us, but you can very often connect with them more easily than people.

K. That's easy. I mean conversational voices in English.

Use dreaming energy to start out, when you're asleep,  check your results, they count. Then begin using awake dreaming energy when you're awake. Over time you'll find people will hear you even though they may not understand exactly the process and you may get a lot of, 'huh?' what did you say comments.

I already do, when I know the source, have many friends like that in real time. But, when I don't know source, can't tell if human, living, dead.  It's the discerning that trips me up, when can't identify voice, or energy signature.

Often the message is the important thing, living people tend to push out, shall we say, more trivial things. Each 'voice' is an energy that came from somewhere, instead of looking for the person, you might just allow the voice to carry you to them, at least then you would know who's on the line.

That's cool. Assess risks, then go for it, yah?

Yes , might take just a bit, but relax and it should work for you.

It'll be fun. Thx.

When you were buried alive, (not the attempt with sand), how did you do it? Solo? or with help?

Well, if you poke a pile of dirt it will help you out.  I've done a lot of what I've done alone.  I've always verified the results against the real world, but often it's been alone.

That works for me. I trust the dirt.

And the way I was taught was the same, for the most part I was set a task and then left alone.  I'm not sure it's always the best, but it does rather force the issue. It also doesn't leave you with anyone else to blame if things go south  and when you succeed, you own it.

What if you come to a point where it’s hard to verify it with the world?

That's where world experience comes in, if you verify enough with the world, then when you reach a situation where it's not really going to be possible you know how 'right' feels and you have to trust yourself well enough to go with that but be willing to accept you could be wrong, it doesn't matter, the point is you're out there trying. And there is an odd thing about it, it seems that somewhere down the road you'll get verification or not. Very little that runs through our world isn't resolved in one way or another, it just doesn't necessarily do it in order.

Like omens?

Yes, that would be one.

Cool, I can fly with that.

In the spirit of "all roads lead to Rome", are you aware of any other methods, shamanic or otherwise, that lead to the same results as the recapitulation practice?

There are methods out there, in fact we have the older method from this tradition we teach in burning the past but fundamentally you are erasing yourself, not like a cartoon, but the cartoon of self-image you've become, so there are things out there and I would encourage you to look around. Some are a bit harsh perhaps, but probably effective.  I'm not exclusive, I think people have many interests and that's fine.

So fine to experiment?

Works for me, but if you are experimenting with something we teach, you might ask one of the teachers or me first, just so we can keep you from making a booboo. For instance, we say don't do the recap in water, we mean that, although later on we do teach the water recap.  Actually, no we don't, but it's available to those that feel energetically constipated with the recap after a while.

Good to know.

Yes, but it's one of those 'harsh' things.

Water torture then, might just skip that.

Harsh meaning emotionally challenging, or potentially sanity challenging. Yeah, last person I stepped through it passed out from not being able to breathe for a bit. So unless you really need to go there, better to let it alone. We like our students to come through the process in sort of one piece,  although I'm not insistent on it.

Do you have something that can be done to sort of cleanse food there is so much crap in it?

Honestly, raise as much of your own as you can.

Like a quick thing the grow thing takes too long :)

These chemicals are so heavy and so foreign in energy it's difficult but it's possible to at least clean up the worst of it. You recall the healing techniques you learned, well, heal your food. Although I can't promise anything for the burritos that come from Taco Bell. Healing your food is not a bad way to fortify it and your relationship with it  but there is some of this stuff that's just off the charts, so it will help, but perhaps not all that much.

During your last Q&A I asked if Lovecraft was being a little paranoid. Now it's my chance to ask if Philip K. Dick was being a little paranoid? In other words, what's in store for humanity in terms of being colonized and royally screwed over by technology and those driving it?

I think, and it's just my opinion, we have raised technology and science to the level of religion and in that I think we've erred greatly, it will end up screwing things up and so in that sense he was correct. Although, I think there is a certain romance to the idea of the god who's name cannot be spoken.

Thank you.  Will work on that William S. Burroughs question.

Often, I can sense when strong, trained human living presences are inquiring about me, 'sniffing' I call it. Do Makers in general have any ethical standards about staying out of other people's personal energy fields, even though the capacity exists to do much more than otherwise? Also, by what practice or set of practices, could one become subtle enough not t be noticed by the sensitive.

We learn how to be invisible when need be, largely by pushing ourselves into a place of detachment. And no, we don't 'mess' in people's energy.

So, niteshad, no emotive content?

When you do that you take on some responsibility for it and that ties you to outcomes with people that have nothing to do with your own intents but you do have the right not be bothered as well.

So, self-preservation, not ethics? And, no emotional content is quiet? Cuz I feel love. :)

No, it is an ethical decision you have to make, but most people would really like to be left alone and those that need help often ask for it either directly or indirectly so we don't go out looking for people to 'help.' You really don't have to, they'll show up anyway.

Okay. Maybe I'll ask another time when I can be more succinct with my phrasing. Thanks for speaking to this, and you have delightful energy.

If you don't want to be 'found' then alter your energy in a way that makes you not you, at least to the outside world.

Assuming you have observed this, would you give a very brief description of autism in terms of what’s going on in the energy body? Brief and simple, if that’s possible.

 Wow..autism. that's a whole range of things, it depends greatly on what has triggered it in their energy and that's why I went wow, there are so many things. In treating it I have found that the electrical impulses which flow through the brain play a huge role in how their energy arranges itself in order to try and cope with the world but there are levels of it. I have also found that some have damaged 'core' energy, which can create another host of problems in how they're able to relate to the world

Conversely, I've also found it has very little to do with 'history' in their case, but dreaming energy is often tied to how they directly interact with the world as well, almost like an overlay in some cases. Unfortunately, children get labeled autistic for a whole range of energetic issues simply because science has no real way to understand the subtle complexities or how things are interacting in them.

The best way to reach them is to be in their world, which requires you, at least for a while, to give up your own. In other words, you have to do the moving, they can't. Does that help?

Right on. Thank you. Yes it does.

Okay, in healing work we take each case individually, especially cases like that.

I just recently found shamanscave and was interested in the recapitulation class. How do I know if it’s for me? New to all of this.

Well, how's your dreaming?

What do you mean? I dream often.

Do you find yourself having nightmares that are very disturbing, as a child did you have trouble waking up from a dream?  I know, seems odd, but I have a reason for asking.

Disturbing sure. not really nightmares though till recently had a few. As a child I often had dreams of reptiles, I’m in my 20s.

The recapitulation is a practice which will help you sort out what is yours and what is not, it will help you reclaim your energy and break down the connections you may have with the past which are helping to create who you are in the world now. It's very freeing if done well over time.  I ask about the dreams because you look as though things from the past are starting to bleed into your dreaming energy.

I look as though?

To me, but then I'm a bit odd,  stress. Anyway, I think it helps people, the recapitulation, whether they want to continue on with it or not.

How do you figure that...

Your dreaming energy looks like it's disturbed, as in more nightmares, dreams that make you uneasy, etc.  I could be wrong, it's happened before and I'm not asking you to share personal things  but the recapitulation can help you see more clearly your own goals and how to move more directly towards them.  We have a lot of internal noise from our pasts that tends to cloud things.

Okay would the class be better option than trying on my own from your articles?

You can try it on your own certainly and if you are persistent I think you can do a lot with it that way, we do teach some other techniques with it in the class that tend to help open up more, but it's not a ‘have to’ thing. It's self-healing and you can take it as far as you want, either way.

Thank you niteshad, I will try it.

Who are the makers?  Where do they come from?

They were an oral tradition, primarily European and family oriented, passed down through families primarily.

So they are not a who?

No, it's a name that I was told as a child, so I've always used it, it's not a person.

 Well, I think I need to stop there for tonight, but I have a bit more time in the evenings now so I'm going to try and do these more regularly through the winter, at least. Thank you all for coming and for your questions.