General Q&A Discussion with Niteshad 6-17-16

Tonight we're doing a general question night, which sometimes is more interesting than a topic night, especially if you're not that interested in the topic. So do type a ? and let us get to your question, if you type it out and the scroll goes on a bit we might lose it. Not saying that we're all old and forgetful, just near sighted and don't mind our jokes, one does tend to develop a bit of an odd sense of humor after doing this a few years.  I credit the dead people, you have to laugh or it gets weird.

Can I have a serious question?

Absolutely.  * @niteshad puts on his serious face. Go ahead.

Do shamans know what is the purpose of the descent of man, the fall? Why we humans living as the caricature of truth, is there any purpose?

Well, in the maker cosmology there is a point to it all, although perhaps not the point most people would like. And the point is that it is all a contribution towards the knowledge of life, experience, learning and change; we believe the universe is alive, just not self-aware and we help serve the purpose of learning. It's getting smarter though. Ee also view life as cyclical, so for a while it's bad, then things change and move forward, we're here to make a difference, it's just not an ego thing though

Are we evolving in same pace with the universe or we are left behind?

We're about even with the curve right now, I would say.  And of course, we're not the only life forms making a contribution, everything is connected, moving, evolving, falling back, leaping ahead and then of course there is time, which is another whole ball of wax. M is our resident expert on time.

So the universe is becoming conscious (of itself)?

Yes, self-aware, but not like a human baby, or any other creature here, the end is still to be written I suspect, it's an amazing dance when you think about it. Most people I think see suffering and death as awful things, but makers see them both, while unfortunate in the moment, necessary in the learning process.

Thanks, and yes, it is.

What is then our contribution as human, are we supposed to be ahead of the game?

Well, the makers work on a variety of fronts, one of the most important is trying to help human beings survive, to that end, we are tasked with unweaving time.

And most of the dance is completely hidden from the view of the average normal human being today . . .

Only because they choose to see only the band and not the dance floor.

A matter of choice -- right on.

We humans made choices in the dim recesses of the past, ones that had to be made for survival, but there was a cost. We got the extra fancy brains, but we lost touch with a lot of the wonder. The old makers and a few new shiny ones, look out across all the possibilities forming within potential, that energy which opens the first steps of the path to outcomes in our reality and they try to help intent move in a way allowing humans to keep moving rather than hitting the proverbial brick wall.

Can you speak to what is the unweaving of time?  I mean, time is a construct, yes?

Yes, time is just a word. It is convenient for us because it keeps us from perceiving everything at once, which would make picking out socks very difficult.

Lol...  yes

What shall we do with our fancy brains?

Make them serve your total being rather than just your 'logic.' We can't see because we 'believe' we are blind, but we're not, we just have to open our eyes and of course dreaming, dreaming in very powerful ways. Oh, and don't forget to play, losing the sense of wonder that is children is a great downfall for us.

So what hindesr us to see?

Mostly out projections of our past, that we needed to 'straighten up and act right', be responsible, be reasonable. Clint Eastwood once said, 'I tried being reasonable. I didn't like it' It can be done belle, the issue is change and it's the one thing people hate the most, even when their situation is bad, they still cling to the past.

What are the maker’s view on infinity and where human energy fits in that, i.e. potential immortality, etc?

You mean where do you go when you die? Pizza Hut, but they have the best cheese there.

No, I mean 'dreaming' a very long physical life.

Ah, live long and prosper then, I see.


It can be done, my teacher was told never to marry because he wouldn't live past twenty, he made it to 89. Imagine what you might do M. He did that by balance, staying close to the earth and nature and eating a lot of vegetables. Eventually, he lost the battle to stay, but he said something to me when he passed that I have always remembered, 'I'm not gone, I've just become unbound'


So I would say grab what you can in life, but be good to yourself and others and treat the earth and its creatures kindly.

Good points. It's just that most/all(?) teachings have a real 'not possible' big downer on physical 'immortality'. Just curious as to why?

It's up to you, if not immortal, I don't see why you can't be almost immortal.

That works for me.

Personally, I would get bored, I want to keep moving and I know that part of that means not being 'here.'

So, unweaving time is like going back prior to the sentinel moment of something in our current reality and working to sort of change that original intent, sort of look prior to what other possibilities there are/were and trying to align w/a different one for a better outcome?

Yes, and it can be done. People who do this have accomplished it, memories that no longer exist, changed in ways which seemed impossible just a few short years ago, something happened and it wasn't the Kool aid or maybe... :)

Is this done on/for an individual self, or do makers do unweaving for say a bad humanity trend, for instance?

It can and is done on both levels.

We work as makers on the big picture, but also the individual.

What is your take on reincarnation?

That's another part of the cosmology that annoys people, but basically we believe that you come back, just not 'all' of you at one time, that 'threads' of you have existed and will exist again in different people. Sometimes there is a 'chunk' that shows up in a person, which is pretty interesting.

So it’s like we incarnate in form but not in substance?

Yes, your favorite color may not be green anymore and you may be called Bob and sell used cars, but it's not a punishment, just different. And I've heard rumors that some makers are powerful enough to come back almost intact through intent.

Does the maker tradition have any concept of karma, or an equivalent?

Not really, we don't see a big scoreboard with pluses and minuses on it, although we do recognize that doing positive things is 'good' and doing negative things is 'bad.' Actions that create progress, change in non-destructive ways, etc,  which brings up an interesting dilemma.

There are gray areas, for instance in healing, if someone has a bacterial disease and you work to heal them then you are essentially attacking the bacteria, is that destructive, or constructive.

I was intrigued about a story of a boy who got a heart transplant from another young boy...

Yes, bacteria are people too.

And that heart seemed to keep memories from the donor that the receiver could "remember" and this info was verified by donor parents. Which makes me wonder about the nature of "memories" and where/how they are "stored"? Any thoughts?

Yep, if you've had recapitulation and done the body parts recap then I think if you extrapolate a bit you can see the issue. We store memories, especially emotions in tissues, not just your brain, that can go so far as to create certain predilections for things such as chronic health issues, emotional attitudes, even what sort of cereal you like. I've seen that in transplant patients as well, for some it's quite disturbing. When they were using corpse teeth for implants it tended to show up, which I thought was interesting

So, if someone lost an arm... their personality may change... fascinating.

Well, in fact, it does change, it's just that most say it's because they lost the arm and are trying to cope.

In the recap I was surprised how charming and polite my teeth were, given how I've treated them.

Perhaps they were cowering M. it's all a matter of perspective and the ability to roll through different perspectives in a real way, very quickly.

Do you think you might have another workshop in the next couple of years?

I would like to H, I think it's about time again.



We'll let everyone know well in advance if we decide to do that.

Spirit beings, 'astral' entities, angels, demons, Donald Trump. What is the maker view on these?

Well, with the exception of Trump, we consider them all beasts of the field, so to speak,  we're still trying to find the right phylum for him.


Phylum? or phlegm?

Basically things exist, ghosties, or haints as my teacher called them, spirit energies around so many things, places on the earth where certain sorts of energies tend to congregate. The only problem happens when we start to give them attributes we want them to have as opposed to just accepting their reality and the fact they just are.

What can you say about the energy on the planet now. where are we going? It feels like there is a lot of suffering.

There is an enormous amount of pain in human energy, anger, angst, and not nearly enough joy, the planet as a whole is pretty disturbed as well, but in terms of the planet it changes and will change again, it's just that we're a bit of a problem at the moment and tend to be pushing things in ways that aren't good for us in the long run. The planet itself will come out alright if things continue, we on the other hand may not be there unless we wise up and I do think there is a growing sense among people that things have to change, our behaviors. That was cryptic.

Wrapped in an enigma.

Basically we're doomed.

But I don't like to dwell on doom and gloom too much, it tends to create outcomes.

No, we're not. We just have to change and that's something everyone who knows that can help with in either large or small ways. We're not a bad bunch of eggs, just a bit cracked at the moment.

Yeah, I'm very fond of humans.

Thank you so much.

Best source of humor on the planet.

Well, we're almost to the end, do you all prefer general questions or topic oriented discussion

I like both.


It's all good.

Okay, I can work with that, although no one tonight asked the most important question;  how do you turn someone into a newt? Next time I guess.

Thank you for tonight.

Thank you all for coming and have a lovely weekend.

Dream well.