Shamanscave features live chatting with other seekers on the shamanic path.  We have a private IRC server to host general chat and our online classes.  #Shamanscave, as an online chat room, has been around for over a decade in various forms!

Before you join, there's a few things to be aware of:

  1. The chat program we use should work with any modern browser and most security settings.  However, if you have a high security setting, you may need to allow JavaScript globally or for shamanscave.com
  2. The Shamanscave Chat has people from the 'Cave site who are familiar with the content and tradition of it, regulars who just stop by, and total strangers. The people most familiar with the tradition are "Channel Operators".  You can recognize those individuals in the chat as having a star next to their name. They should be able to answer most of your questions regarding contemporary shamanism, Shamanscave, and the Maker tradition.  Although we try to control (and remove) obnoxious, rude, or annoying individuals, it's not always possible to watch the channel all the time, so please keep that in mind. 
  3. Depending on what time you join, people may be away or asleep.
  4. Please choose a nickname when you start - the random given ones are rather... random.
  5. You can disconnect the session by simply closing the browser window when you're done. Or by clicking the disconnect button on the top left of the chat window.
  6. Further information on the Shamanscave Chat can be found at the FAQ

Problems?  Issues?  Comments?

Please leave your feedback here!