General Q & A Session with Niteshad 7-29-16

Greetings all, sorry to those who were last night when we had to reschedule. This is a general q&a so any questions you might have just type a ? and we will get started. To those using the mibbet program you can change your nickname if you like by typing /nick (and your nickname)

I have three absentee questions from D if you get a chance.


Okay, question #1,  Is there such a thing as 'bad energy'? (I'm thinking of cases where a space, a room for instance, needs to be 'cleansed.') What exactly is 'bad energy'?

We define good/bad as what is positive and builds and what is negative and tears down. So bad energy might be anything from stray emotional energy left by previous occupants, which is not nice to poltergeists.  The concepts of good and bad by themselves are problematic simply because they're a judgment from a particular position we take and if our position changes things may change with them, or in fact, they almost always do. And yes, there are things out there which are not your friend, but they're responsible for their own approach to existence.

Any thoughts or experiences concerning active negative intelligences/forces/entities? The kind of fun stuff that feeds off human misery, are there such things or are they 'just' a person’s own destructive energies?

Oh no, they're quite real, but not as common as rocks by any means, most of what we suffer with in terms of that are other people and of course, ourselves. We're not alone here, beyond the flora and fauna of the world there exists entire other ecosystems of energy, beings, things which cross through and over our world. Generally we're not that interesting to them, but here and there things get all topsy turvy. If you look for topsy turvy, you'll find it, that's a technical shamanic term you might want to remember, it might be on the test.

Good to know. So Lovecraft was a little too paranoid then?

Perhaps a bit but he was a very good writer.

Yes :)

Do we have power to choose when to depart our physical body, I mean to die or not?

Yes, we do definitely, but I think for most people it's a very hard position to reach, as humans we're driven so forcefully to continue living, even when it isn't in our best interest. This is part of what death walkers do, help in the transition between this life and beyond.  I've seen it B, people can reach a place where life is no longer something they choose to keep doing.

The other week I had a dream were a huge shadow was trying to lay on me.. Jumping up I went into a fight mode and ran it off…needless to say it scared me and left me shaking for some time ..

So the feeling of it created fear? It probably didn't mean to 'help' you definitely, the problem is if you really do this enough you change, things notice you more.

Yes it did but I was mad, it was trying to take my energy.

Good, whack it one. Your energy is yours and if it was trying to insinuate itself into your energy then you did the absolute right thing.

I can feel when they bite me on my feet.

Ah, the old toe nibblers.

Yes they take my awareness.

In the log from last question night you mentioned unwinding time, can you talk more about that?

Time is like the wheels on the bus, it goes round, round, round but no one every questions what happens if we turn the bus to the left or right with time running. In a sense, as I've said before, time is truly an illusion. We look at it as a purely linear process, a happens and causes b, but in shamanism as well as quantum physics, sometimes b comes first then a catches up with it. So unwinding time is possible, but first we have to let go of the process we've created around it by becoming acutely aware of it and the mechanics of how we interact with it. We can 'wear' down because of things, but the real question is, how much 'time' will it take, how many times do the wheels have to go round on our bus. To unwind time directly requires a lot of power the ability to abjectly 'let go', which as simple as it sounds in theory, in practice appears to be a very different thing.

My suggestion is to start small; a leaf falling from a tree, a turtle walking by twice in a row and before you know it things will start to happen twice a lot, then things get interesting. Most people just can't let go that far, we like the world too much and the thought of just disappearing from it means we would miss all those Matlock reruns. Shamans and makers really don't care, we realized a long time ago that we're all alone. We go through things as people, as fallible humans, but when we learn to hide from the storms in life we have caged ourselves in our own fear, when what we should really be doing is learning to dance in the rain.

Is there really God, the creator and us the created ones, God as director and us the actors?

Thanks you for the simple question :) We believe as makers that god is a definition too fraught with emotion; obviously we're here so something happened, but was it directly intentional? And we say yes, it was an intent. We don't see 'god' as the all-powerful guy with thunderbolts, we see it as a blind watchmaker, tinkering with creation, feeling, trying, and creating all the time. Not judging, but experiencing and eventually perhaps, seeing and then understanding.

Are we under control? No, if we were in any real sense I don't think the world would look quite like this.

Actually that word control struck me,  thank you.

In the Tools 1 class, i think it was, we made a spy stone, and when I looked at what the stone was seeing, I noticed that it sees much more differently than I do. Like, if humans see at 32 frames a second to see a fluid moving of, say, a person walking...

The stone sees at say 8 frames a second... so, when I saw what the rock was seeing, the person walking was herky jerky... in and out of the viewing frame much faster because i was seeing it what the rock saw at my normal seeing rate...very odd. Was that just a mind trick of mine... or have you ever heard of this time-warping kind of seeing?

Oh no, seeing happens in warped ways all the time. It's very odd really, something shows up or passes us by, but when we see it we lens it into a form we understand, yet in a raw sense it wasn't perhaps showing us that at all. So yes, time warping when seeing through things happens a great deal, did your rock sing to you?

It actually shapeshifted into a different color altogether... and formed spots... but the shape stayed the same.


That happened after sleeping with it.

Ah yes, I've seen dreaming stones change in ways that are, well, just impossible :)

Lol.. from white to brown w/dark brown spots.

Cool, I would hold onto that one for a while.

Anything equivalent to a higher self or super consciousness in the Maker tradition?

We are seeking a place where we are connected to everything, not in a metaphoric sense, but a real one. So yes, I would consider that the type of consciousness you're speaking about. The amount of knowledge that comes with that is a bit over powering, it's like seeing on a larger scale, a lot of it may not make sense at first, but as it falls into place we see even more, that makes even less sense.  'We have found the answer, there is only doubt, assuming there is such a thing.' In this work figuring things out with your head only takes you so far.

Any advice on releasing yourself from the iron grip of the mind, yet still be able to lace your shoes and fasten your belt?

Well, we teach a lot of methods, in fact a lot of what we do is try to break down those chains, but we do it very slowly, so you don't notice that you've gone around the bend until you say something to someone and they give you the 'look' or get scared of you, I used to get that a lot. : )

And I'm really a very nice person, sort of.

Seems to be a common self-defense mechanism to preserve the ideals built up in one's mind.

Yes indeed. B M, one thing you can do consistently that helps is be in nature, I don't mean do something in nature, I mean just be there. Most people go to do something, which is fine, but it doesn't really help much, it's just the mind's way of trying yet again to control the environment. It's interesting, we're always trying to find harmony, yet the world is harmony, like a symphony, it's our job to learn the notes, even the flat ones.

Dissonant notes would be more accurate. "flat" doesn't mean it's not in the scale. Though, the analogy still holds true.

Good point.

I think I'm going to have to go just a bit early here, it seems duty calls, I've enjoyed your questions and we'll try to do this again in a week or two.

Thanks for the questions you answered, much appreciated.

Dream well all.