150A7570All classes are taught by Gary Mills (Niteshad), author of the shamanscave website, and other faculty members in the Maker tradition. 

Class Curriculum 

Tier 1 - Beginning  - Healing the self and one's own world
(12 classes offered)

 Tier 2 - Moving out into this world (10 classes offered)

Tier 3 - Moving beyond this world (11 classes offered)

Tier 4 - Master classes (10 classes offered)

Tier 5 Maker Healing Method (10 classes offered)


Tier 1 Class Offerings and Descriptions

  • Recapitulation 1 - A Path to Self-healing 
  • Spirals 1 - Intentional Living
  • Quicksilver - Handling Perception
  • Dreaming 1 - Asleep
  • Stalking I - Stalking the Self
  • Seeing I - Eyes Wide Shut
  • Shamanic Will - Finding the Shamanic Voice
  • Training the Shamanic Mind
  • Conversations With A Maker 1
  • Shamanic Tools 1
  • Burning the Past - Recap 1.5
  • Journey with Awareness through Dreaming

Recapitulation 1 – A Path to Self-Healing

Self Healing deals with the techniques of the recapitulation practice and the methods involved in reclaiming your personal energy, healing the wounds of the past and learning to understand what is yours and what is not in the world. Niteshad (Gary Mills) has written extensively about the recapitulation as practice as well as other methods for healing the self. This class will be run in eight week sessions, simply because the nature of the practice requires a longer period of time to begin and assess. Self healing is a process and can take time, the class is designed to allow people to move at their own pace as individual needs require.

Class Length: 8 weeks

Prerequisite: None

Spirals 1 – Intentional Living

The Spirals class covers the recognition, use and recovery of personal intent.

This class examines in detail the ways in which our own intent and that of others impacts us in the world. It begins with an examination of what 'intent' is exactly and how it directs our lives. We will explore the nature of intent itself as an energy and the ways in which shamans handle intent in their own lives and use it to impact the world. Intent is not about 'wishing upon a star', yet the way in which it impacts everything both in us and around us is vital to understand for anyone pursuing a shamanic path. The class is a seven week intensive about the nature of intent, with appropriate exercises and practices.

Class Length: 7 weeks

Prerequisite: None

Quicksilver – Handling Perception

Two topics are studied that lie at the heart of shamanic traditions, the ability to be aware beyond normal limitations and how we perceive the world. This class on the specific topic of perception will explore: what exactly is perception as an energy, how is it connected to the world and how can we alter it. The class includes exercises, practical applications and various methods for altering perceptual awareness and learning to control it. This class will require as a prerequisite one of the first three classes.

Class Length: 7 weeks

 Prerequisite: None (Taking Recap and Spirals first is suggested)

Dreaming 1 - Asleep

The dreaming class involves learning how to handle dreaming energy and is more than an introductory course. First is sleep dreaming and will be the primary focus of the class, which will be explored as active dreaming. This is not a dream interpretation class, it is about shamanic dreaming and the ways in which shamans learn to interpret, control and use their dreaming energy. Dreaming practices are some of the most unsettling in the shamanic repertoire, this class will require as a prerequisite one of the first three classes.

Class Length: 7 weeks

 Prerequisite: None (Taking Recap and Spirals first is suggested)

Stalking 1 – Stalking the Self

The Stalking 1 class deals with actively hunting the self and is a corollary to the recapitulation as well as using intent in a personal way exploring the concepts of personal power. Various methods of opening the self and hunting down both expectations and unnecessary internal obstacles for shamanic movement are explored. These can involve an intense examination of ego and fear from an internal perspective. The class is active and explores methods and practices for hunting the aspects of self that obstruct a shamanic path.

Class Length: 7 weeks

Prerequisites: (Taking Recapitulation, Spirals, Dreaming, Quicksilver first is suggested) & Faculty Approval

Seeing 1 - Eyes Wide Shut

This beginning class on ‘seeing’ introduces people to the world of the seer in shamanic traditions. Study in this class is active and involves practices and methods used by seers as well as means of verification and understanding.

Class Length: 7 Weeks

Prerequisites: (Taking Recap, Spirals, Dreaming & Quicksilver first is suggested)

Training the Shamanic Mind

Training the shamanic mind is a precursor to the advanced classes taught at Shamanscave. This class explores the concept of mind versus the shamanic and focuses on techniques to use an extraordinary worldview through the rational mind. The class will use exercises and practices to help train the mind to bend to the total will of the student and allow them to access a larger worldview through the normal channels of perception and awareness. The class is designed to take the exercises from perception (Quicksilver) and intent (Spirals) and sublimate them into a natural flow of practice through the rational mind.

Class Length: 7 Weeks

Prerequisites: (Taking Recapitulation, Spirals, Quicksilver, Dreaming I, Stalking I, Seeing I and Shamanic Tools or faculty approval)

Shamanic Will/Voice

The Shamanic Will class focuses primarily on technique and the ability to project personal energy through shamanic voice, as well as other aspects of projecting into the world through individual expression. The class will examine through practices and exercises the methods for expressing a shamanic intent through an act of will directly into the daily world. The class focuses as a beginning point primarily on the voice, but will also explore other ways in general that shamanic will can be focused on the daily world and elsewhere.

Class Length: 7 Weeks

Prerequisites: (Taking Recapitulation, Spirals, Quicksilver, Dreaming I, Stalking I, Seeing I and Shamanic Tools or faculty approval)

Conversations with a Maker

The Conversations class was created to allow for discussion of a variety of topics in which people have shown great interest over the years. One topic will be covered each week and include; who and what is a shaman, seers, death walking, stalking the self, shamanic healing and moving energy. This is really an introductory course for those that simply want a better understanding of some of the practices involved in contemporary shamanism and the viewpoints of practitioners. There are exercises attached to the classes in order for the student to gain a better understanding of the concepts involved.

Class Length: 7 weeks

Prerequisites: None

Shamanic Tools 1

The Shamanic Tools class will explore the use of various tools and methods in different aspects of shamanism. Topics covered will include scrying, casting of object, power objects and movement through representative aspects of the four elements. While using tools is not a necessity in the practice of contemporary shamanism many people find them beneficial as an aid to movement of both their awareness and perception. We will discuss how to use various tools and the process underlying the energy of both the tool and the agreement reached with the user.

Class Length: 7 weeks

Prerequisites:None (Taking Spirals first is suggested)

Burning the Past (Recap 1.5)

This is a more intensive Recapitulation class that is designed for students who have taken Recapitulation 1 and have had some time to work on it.

Prerequisites: Recapitulation 1

Journey with Awareness through Dreaming - A bridge between tier 1 and tier 2 with emphasis on working on developing awareness skills through dreaming practices


  Tier 2 Class Offerings and Descriptions

  • Awareness - The Journey
  • Dreaming 2 - Awake Dreaming
  • Spirals 2 - Intent Beyond Words
  • Recapitulation 2 - Healing the Past
  • Stalking 2 - The World
  • Seeing 2 - Earth Energies and Beyond
  • Understanding Personal Power
  • Moving Energy 1 - Beginning to Learn
  • Conversations with a Maker 2
  • Shamanic Tools 2 - Through the Looking Glass

Awareness - The Journey

The first pure class on Awareness as a personal energy and the movement of it apart from the self.

The awareness class focuses purely on the shamanic movement of awareness. Various practical movements of awareness are explored along with exercises and practices. Topics covered include: bilocation, the splitting of awareness and expression of awareness as a tool in the world. Advanced movements of awareness and verification of results obtained during those movements is encouraged and expected.

Class Length: 7 weeks

Prerequisites : All Tier One Classes (except Conversations with a Maker) and Faculty Approval

Spirals 2 – Intent Beyond Words

Advanced work in the projection of personal intent into the world, intent beyond words.

Spirals 2 is an examination of moving the energy of intent without visualization or thought process, but the active expression of intent into the world by an act of will. The class explores the machinations of intent in the world and how to move intent purely as an energy in it. Other advanced concepts are also explored, such as creating lines of intent, webs of intent and the ability to monitor, recover and activate intent affecting the outcomes of the student’s life. We will also discuss movements of alignment with universal intent and how to find and work with your personal intent to create even larger outcomes.

Class Length: 8 weeks

Prerequisites (9): All Tier One Classes (except Conversations with a Maker) and Faculty Approval

Dreaming 2 – Awake Dreaming

This is the second of the Dreaming classes and works with dreaming energy directly in the waking side of awareness.

This dreaming class is a further exploration of active dreaming through the next step of awake dreaming. The class moves through practices and exploration of being in both awake and dreaming energy at the same time. The purpose of the class is learning to work through dreaming energy while awake in the world and the movements and obstacles involved. As mentioned, this is an active class and working through the first real steps of awake dreaming can be difficult, but the rewards for those that must see more clearly and act in the world are well worth the journey.

Class Length: 7 weeks

Prerequisites: All Tier One Classes (except Conversations with a Maker) and Faculty Approval

Recapitulation 2 – Healing the Past

This is the second class devoted especially to the Recapitulation and examining the past beyond the straight forward memories of personal history.

The second level of the recapitulation class begins the process of recovering energy connected to genetic and family imprinting, as well as pursuing energy before birth and the process of reconciling our basic energy with the world. The class will use various methods and exercises within the recapitulation practice to recover and reorder these areas of our personal energy. We will examine areas such as recapitulation through dreaming, through the elements and methods of pursuing our energetic connections beyond the normal cycle of our lives.

Class Length: 7 weeks

Pre-Requisites (9): All Tier One Classes (except Conversations with a Maker) and Faculty Approval

Stalking 2 – The World

Advanced applications of will, intent and the ability to see into the world in order to affect outcomes much larger than those applying only to self.

The Stalking 2 class picks up where the Stalking 1 class ends and pursues the concept of stalking into the real world. This is not an exercise in acting; it is a serious method for applying both shamanic will and intent in the world on a case-by-case basis, seeking outcomes that serve the intent of the stalker. The difference between forming and projecting intent and learning to apply intent directly through a direct movement of stalking the outcome in immediate circumstances will be explored in depth. Exercises and methods are used extensively and this class requires a willingness on the part of the student to confront the world outside themselves in on a different level than in the past.

Class Length: 7 weeks

Pee-Requisites (13): All Tier One Classes (except Conversations with a Maker), Recapitulation 2, Spirals 2, Dreaming 2, Awareness and Faculty Approval

Seeing 2 - Earth Energies and Beyond

Seeing 2 takes another step into the world of the seer by moving towards larger subjects for 'seeing'.

The Seeing class is called such because it combines a variety of elements presented in past classes to begin the process of actively ‘seeing’ the world and its energy. This class focuses primarily on earth energy and how it functions and flows in the planet. Beyond that will be a basic examination of human energy and learning to determine specific issues within that energy that influence how human beings function on an energetic level. There will be practices, exercises and verification as part of the class and each student is encouraged to learn to stand by their own ‘seeing’ for verification and understanding.

Class Length: 7 weeks

Prerequisites (13): All Tier One Classes (except Conversations with a Maker)

Understanding Personal Power

Another class that bridges across from the Second tier into the Third. A difficult class, but one that is necessary for those going forward into the next level.

Understanding personal power is a difficult class and one of the more intricate concepts to grasp and understand intimately in the Maker tradition. Topics covered include ego, motivation and the extended application of detachment in the world and with other people. The class can be arduous because it forces an examination of self at the level of natural inclination and predilection. There will be exercises as well as methods for self examination presented during the run of the class.

Class Length: 8 weeks

Prequisites (16): All Tier One Classes (except Conversations with a Maker), Recapitulation 2, Spirals 2, Dreaming 2, Awareness, Stalking 2, Seeing 2, Shamanic Tools 2 and Faculty Approval

Moving Energy 1

Moving energy requires bringing together various skills learned in the classes up until this point. The last two classes of this level require having taken a number of classes because it begins to approach the fundamental concepts of the Maker tradition on an active level and participation requires understanding of the basic concepts and practices presented prior to taking these classes. The ‘moving energy’ class teaches the basic necessity of moving personal energy in the world, either in healing work, as a seer, dreamer, etc. The class requires a fine understanding of the concepts around intent and will, as well as the ability to understand why that energy is being moved at all. A variety of practices and methods for learning to move energy not just on a personal level, but in the world around the student as well will be explored.

Class Length: 8 weeks

Pre-Requisites (17): All Tier One Classes (except Conversations), Recapitulation 2, Spirals 2, Dreaming 2, Awareness, Stalking 2, Seeing 2, Personal Power, Shamanic Tools 2 and Faculty Approval

Conversations with a Maker 2

Conversations 2 delves into another set of topics on a more advanced level which may not in themselves require a full class session.

Conversations 2 covers, just as its predecessor did, a variety of topics along with exercises. These vary and usually are dictated largely by those taking the class where appropriate. The second level of the class explores each topic in more depth, with less emphasis on explanation and more on action. These are usually topics that by themselves do not warrant a full class, or which are previews of subjects that appear later on in more depth in the third level of classes. Each topic is usually discussed with several variations of exercises or practices to work with for the student to pursue more intimate personal knowledge of the subject on their own.

Class Length: 6 weeks

Prerequisites (9): All Tier One Classes (except Shamanic Tools) and Faculty Approval

Shamanic Tools 2 – Through the Looking Glass

The second Shamanic Tools class pushes the boundaries of the first class in order to use the tools in ways that will remain a viable part of a shamanic practice.

Shamanic Tools 2 focuses on running deeper with the tools discussed in the first shamanic tools class, such as using mirror scrying in an advanced way for work as a seer, or in exploring the alternate areas of perception. New tools which are introduced will be introduced on a more advanced level with the expectation the student will learn to use them appropriately. This class may not introduce a new ‘tool’ each week, but rather concentrate on two or three over the course of the class to help the student identify and explore the process of energetic movement through any shamanic tools at a more advance level.

Class Length: 7 weeks

Prerequisites (9): All Tier One Classes (except Conversations with a Maker) and Faculty Approval

Tier 3 Class Offerings and Descriptions


Many people have asked over the course of time when the ‘tradition’ will be taught and on this level the process of teaching it begins in earnest. All the other classes lead to this point, yet allow the student to move outward and leave without looking back, taking with them many tools and self-healing on levels previously unknown. Perhaps they have learned something useful, perhaps not, but they are changed on some level. The student needs to consider at this level that it leads forward into a tradition that is very complete and very demanding. This requires a commitment to the tradition and understanding that it is the ‘tradition’ and not any person or persons in particular, is very important to grasp. The makers were, above all, individuals, which I’m sure many have heard said in one class or another, but the statement is very true and one that needs to be understood by the person who comes to the tradition with the idea of commitment.

Before any person takes the third level of classes, a meeting with the faculty is arranged to have questions answered and gain an understanding of what is ahead of them. This is to reassure us and the student practitioner that comprehending the nature of the process and the demands it places upon people is clear and complete.

  • Recapitulation 3 - The Final Act
  • Spirals 3: Learning the Three P's - Plus Time, Circumstance and Relationship
  • Shamanic Death
  • Seeing 3 - Outside Normal Awareness
  • The Introduction of the Tradition – The Makers
  • Dreaming 3 - The Other
  • Stalking 3 - The Other
  • Shamanic Power - Combining Will and Lunacy
  • Shape Shifting
  • Moving Energy 3 - Moving with Intent
  • Introduction to Healing - The Maker Method

Recapitulation 3 – The Final Act

Who were you back in 1742, well, we'll figure it out in this class, maybe. It is an interesting but necessary part of releasing the final energy of who you are in the world.

The final class on the recapitulation examines the last of the energy that makes up the human sphere of internal influence. The class will concentrate on Recapitulation of personal traits and predilections, of the influence of past threads of energy, often contradictory, which make up the human being. Students will access the ability to fundamentally reorder their energy and reshape it to serve the big intents they have set for themselves in their lives. The class involves further practices in the recapitulation and relies on the student’s ability to also use other tools and skills they have developed through other classes.

Class Length: 7 weeks

Prerequisites (20): All Tier One, all Tier Two and Faculty Approval/Invitation

Spirals 3 – Learning the Three P's Plus Time, Circumstance and Relationship

A journey through the mouth of creation, this class will move without excuse or apologies through the essence of energy in time.

Learning the 3 P’s, or potential, possibility and probability actively in practice and requires the student to be willing to act on different levels of seeing. The class will explore each part of the process as each pertains to intent and the movement of energy into our world. It will explore how human beings affect that energy directly as well as the interaction of the planet and other energies. The class uses exercises and practices as well as group movements of awareness to explore the potentials involved in energy and the way it flows into existence in our physical reality.

Class Length: 7 weeks

Pre-Requisites (20): All Tier One, all Tier Two and Faculty Approval/Invitation

Shamanic Death

Shamanic Death is not a picnic, it is for those who feel seriously called to make this their life?s work, anything else is just being a tourist.

The Shamanic Death class is a serious examination for those who feel called to the path of the process of change inherent on the way to becoming a shaman. There will be practices to explore and movements of energy to understand. This is not a class that requires you to die; it is a class that explores the ramifications involved and the changes that must occur in order to move further into understanding the world of the shaman and what that means to an individual personally.

Class Length: 7 weeks

Prerequisites: All Tier One, all Tier Two, Recap 3, Spirals 3 and Faculty Approval/Invitation

Seeing 3 – Outside Normal Awareness

Hey, even shamans have to have fun.

Seeing 3 is more of a fun class that learns to perceive far outside our normal awareness and examine those entities and energies that inhabit an unseen world from normal daily awareness. The class will practice with exercises and methods to bring the student awareness through ‘seeing’ these various energies and how they move through their worlds, either aware or unaware of human beings. This is not a class that involves interacting with these energies, although that may occur in some circumstances. The primary goal is to become aware of them on a daily basis and enlarge the worldview of the student beyond the basic ‘shamanic’ mindset of special journeys or reading ‘signs’

Class Length: 7 weeks

Prerequisites: All Tier One, all Tier Two, Recap 3, Spirals 3, Shamanic Death and Faculty Approval/Invitation

The Maker Tradition 

Cosmology, Intent, history and personal commitment.This class is for those students that have made a committment to the Maker tradition- details provided later

Dreaming 3 – The Other

Describing the other in dreaming would make no sense, I can only hope that when someone gets there they understand the process.

Dreaming 3 concentrates on the concept and real movement and creation of ‘the other’, the collision of the dreaming and awake bodies fused into a third state of being and awareness. We will examine the process and the practical methods used to draw the two together and create the third. Beyond that we will look into how it can and does affect the world and people around us and why in the Maker tradition they took this approach rather than leaving things simply divided, but in touch. Obviously, this is a difficult class and requires more time than others to begin working through the process of this creation. Exercises and practices will be presented and although ‘the other’ may not exist by the end of class for the students, it will be an in process creation that as a movement of their own energy will benefit them in multiple ways.

Class Length: 8 weeks

Prerequisites: All Tier One, all Tier Two, Recap 3, Spirals 3, Shamanic Death, Seeing 3, Intro to Maker Tradition and Faculty Approval/Invitation

Stalking 3 – The Other

Unless you are hell bent on doing this, you should turn back now. Stalking the other is not for anyone who cares about their self image, or what other people may think of them.

Stalking 3 moves the student beyond the normal realm of reality and focuses them on aspects of energy both within and outside themselves that exists in the world. Beyond this, it actively seeks to stalk the student’s ‘other’ and bring it into contact with energies only it can fully translate back into the realm of normal awareness. This class tends to be intense and the requirements are stringent. We will work with exercises to draw out and stalk the other within us as well as stalk the energies in the world outside our normal waking awareness. This can involve many different aspects of the shamanic and also other shamanic groups that practice methods far different from the makers.

Class Length: 7 weeks

Prerequisites: All Tier One, all Tier Two, Recap 3, Spirals 3, Shamanic Death, Seeing 3, Intro to Maker Tradition, Dreaming 3 and Faculty Approval/Invitation

Shamanic Power – Combining Will and Lunacy

Where did that come from, that surge, that connection to something larger than yourself. We will attempt to answer those questions in this class.

This class on Shamanic Power seeks to involve the student in learning to utilize energies outside themselves in their work and practices. Some of these energies include elemental energies from the earth, energies of allies or entities and enlisting the aid of other energies involving human beings and other life forms we share the planet with as well. This is not a class on how to amaze your friends at cocktail parties; it is about understanding the ebb and flow of power in the world represented through universal intent and the creatures that obey its rules. Exercises and practices will be presented to help in the process of ascertaining what these energies are, whether you can access them safely, and what some of the conditions are that can be created in the process.

Class Length: 7 weeks

Prerequisites: All Tier One, all Tier Two, Recap 3, Spirals 3, Shamanic Death, Seeing 3, Intro to Maker Tradition, Dreaming 3, Stalking 3 and Faculty Approval/Invitation


What can we say, well, is it fun? No, but then it is a necessary place to understand in the concept of human energy. As a class, it will also make you very popular at parties.

Presented for those who just have to be a wolf or a bear, Shapeshifting is more than a simple transformation; it is a significant act of moving all the student’s energy in an effort to take on the form and awareness of the chosen creature. This is a powerful maneuver on the part of the shifter and requires a great deal of energy. The purpose of the class is not to create shapeshifters, it is rather to teach the student how to take on the awareness of the world around them in a real fashion and experience it directly through their own energy.

Class Length: 7 weeks

Prerequisites: All Tier One, all Tier Two, Recap 3, Spirals 3, Shamanic Death, Seeing 3, Intro to Maker Tradition, Dreaming 3, Stalking 3, Shamanic Power and Faculty Approval/Invitation

Moving Energy 3 – Moving with Intent

Moving Energy 3 goes further with intent and is a must for anyone that wishes to work in the Maker Healing Method.

Moving Energy 3 with intent further clarifies the concept of moving intent purely as an energy and makes sure the student is capable of doing so. In this class we explore the process of affecting other people and things in the world directly through moving energy: our own, that of the world in general and that of other people. The class will explore the difficulties of discernment as well as the ethics involved in working with other people in this manner. There will be exercises and examination of the process as the understanding of it for the student moves further down their own spiral of intent.

Class Length: 7 weeks

Prerequisites: All Tier One, all Tier Two, Recap 3, Spirals 3, Shamanic Death, Seeing 3, Intro to Maker Tradition, Dreaming 3, Stalking 3, Shamanic Power, Shape Shifting and Faculty Approval/Invitation

Intro to Healing - The Maker Method

This class begins a process of organizing skills and practices from everything else to apply it to healing, not in a hopeful sense, but in a real sense, with people in the world.

The introduction to healing class primarily explores healing in the maker tradition, also comparing and contrasting other traditions along the way. It requires the student be actively involved in the class and in the world as willing to begin working on people as a healer. We will examine in reflection the maker cosmology and how their approach to energetic healing was couched for work on people in the modern world. This is an introduction to the healing practices and as such does not delve into detail, but gives the student the basic connection to the healing process used by the makers.

Class Length: 7 weeks

Prerequisites: All Tier One, all Tier Two, Recap 3, Spirals 3, Shamanic Death, Seeing 3, Intro to Maker Tradition, Dreaming 3, Stalking 3, Shamanic Power, Shape Shifting, Moving Energy and Faculty Approval/Invitation

Tier IV Class Offerings

  • Maker as Dreamer
  • Maker as Seer
  • Maker as Stalker
  • Maker as Master of Intent
  • Maker as Master of Moving Energy
  • Master of Time
  • The Intent of the Makers as Your Own
  • Living Between the Worlds
  • Teaching the Tradition
  • Master The Culmination

Descriptions for the Master Classes to be added soon

Tier V Class Offerings

The Healing classes are currently arranged with a class focus on each area of the energy body as seen by makers with addtional classes for specfic focuses on teaching practices and special diseases, such as cancer.

  • Ongoing Healing Lab - Healing students will be invited to particpate in the Maker Healing Group Ongoing Healing Lab that meets each week to perform healing work. This will give the student practical experience in the methods taught as well as opportunity for feedback from faculty and advanced healers.

The classes will be taught online on a private irc server (internet relay chat) and meet once per week for an hour and half each session. All classes last for six weeks each unless noted, with a seventh meeting as an introductory class for people to get to know their way around. The Recapitulation classes last for eight weeks, due to the nature of their practices; our experience with it has shown people need that amount of time to feel comfortable with the process.

Each class will be provided with its own private forum on the Cavelings Forums website for expanded discussion of class topics and communication between members and faculty. Also, a private website has been established for class members only and will have the class log and exercise material available for review after each class. Once the classes end, both websites and additional materials/exercises will remain available to you.

To sign up for classes click here: Online Class Registration  


About NiteShad

booksNow, who is this Niteshad character and why is he saying all those bizarre things? Niteshad is Gary Mills, a 65 year old oddity in the southeastern United States. The Shamanscave.com website was written entirely by him from the variety of his experience both in learning and practice in a specific tradition passed down through his family known as the makers.

He wears suspenders and has been described variously from looking like a truck driver, to Wilford Brimley, to Jed Clampett on steroids. Fortunately, online students don't have to look at him, only listen. He holds a college degree, but not too closely and a variety of other certifications, kudos and real world pieces of paper which have utterly nothing to do with shamanism or the practice of it. What he does have at this point is 59 years of experience in shamanic practice. He has translated a primarily oral and hidden tradition into modern terms and brought that back into the world through teaching, workshops and the shamanscave website.

He is not a new age shaman, and rarely what people expect a shaman to be like, which perhaps says more about the perception of shamans than shamans themselves. His methods are quiet, subtle and yet effective. Over ten years of teaching on the internet alone have allowed him to help hundreds of people spread across a number of continents. His interest is in helping those that find their life experience and reality at odds with each other and to help them come to grips with their own talents and use them as skillfully as possible to change their own lives and the world around them.

Thanks for your interest and inquiry, hope to hear from you soon.



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