"A shaman without the gift is nothing, but the gift is nothing without the work."




  • Recapitulation I A Journey of Self Healing
  • Classes offered this December:Spirals I  - Learn what intent is and how to use it 
  • Quicksilver  - Perception and awareness as energies 
  • All classes are taught by Gary Mills (Niteshad), author of the shamanscave website, and other faculty members in the Maker tradition. 

  •  Special Note: We offer over 50 classes but only this session's beginning classes are listed here. If you have any questions about this please feel free to contact us through the top menu and someone will answer you.

    Class Descriptions 

     Recapitulation I -

    The Path of Self Healing (8 weeks)

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     For those wishing to walk a shamanic path, self-healing is the first and most important part of that path. Self-healing is the long journey within, but it begins with a single step. Nobody can walk that path for you, but there is knowledge and practices for seekers who want to move beyond the chains of the past. One of those practices is the recapitulation - a fundamental exercise to retrieve our energy trapped in the past and to release outside energy which isn't our own.

     Recapitulation I begins:

     Saturday, February 16th, 2019, Time, 10:00 PM ET (US)

    • Fee for course: $75

    To sign up click here: Online Class Registration

    Spirals I 

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    Handling Living Intent

      (7 weeks)

    This class examines in detail the ways in which our own intent and that of others impacts us in the world. It begins with an examination of what intent is exactly and how it directs our lives. We will explore the nature of intent itself as an energy and the ways in which shamans handle intent in their own lives and use it to impact the world. Intent is not about wishing upon a star, yet the way in which it impacts everything both in us and around us is vital to understand for anyone persuing a shamanic path. The class is a six week intensive about the nature of intent, with appropriate exercises and practices.

  • Classes will begin Friday, February 15th, 2019, 11:00 AM ET (US)
  • Fee for course: $65
  •  To sign up click here: Online Class Registration


    Quicksilver - Shamanic Perception and Awarenessquicksilver2

    At the heart of all life lies awareness, the innate ability to touch upon energies beyond our own, to be aware of them at all. Perception frames and holds up the world as we know it. For the shaman, the ability to manipulate and control these parts of their energy are the underpinnings of the shamanic journey. Mastery of awareness and perception opens up the inner and outer universe.

    This class explores what awareness and perception really are, how they are different, and how they interact. In this 7-week course, we begin the process of breaking open the sliver of perception we have been handed down.


    • Quicksilver meets on Sunday Evenings at 9:30pm Eastern time, USA
    • Classes will begin Sunday, December 2nd, 2018
    • The cost for this class is $65


     Beginning level classes can be signed up for directly through online purchase, or through using this form to contact the administrators.


    The classes will be taught online on a private irc server (internet relay chat) and meet once per week for an hour and half each session. All classes last for six weeks each unless noted, with a seventh meeting as an introductory class for people to get to know their way around. The Recapitulation classes last for eight weeks, due to the nature of their practices; our experience with it has shown people need that amount of time to feel comfortable with the process.

    Each class will be provided with its own private forum on the Cavelings Forums website for expanded discussion of class topics and communication between members and faculty. Also, a private website has been established for class members only and will have the class log and exercise material available for review after each class. Once the classes end, both websites and additional materials/exercises will remain available to you.

    To sign up for classes click here: Online Class Registration


    About NiteShad

    booksNow, who is this Niteshad character and why is he saying all those bizarre things? Niteshad is Gary Mills, a 62 year old oddity in the southeastern United States. The Shamanscave.com website was written entirely by him from the variety of his experience both in learning and practice in a specific tradition passed down through his family known as the makers.

    He wears suspenders and has been described variously from looking like a truck driver, to Wilford Brimley, to Jed Clampett on steroids. Fortunately, online students don't have to look at him, only listen. He holds a college degree, but not too closely and a variety of other certifications, kudos and real world pieces of paper which have utterly nothing to do with shamanism or the practice of it. What he does have at this point is 52 years of experience in shamanic practice. He has translated a primarily oral and hidden tradition into modern terms and brought that back into the world through teaching, workshops and the shamanscave website.

    He is not a new age shaman, and rarely what people expect a shaman to be like, which perhaps says more about the perception of shamans than shamans themselves. His methods are quiet, subtle and yet effective. Over ten years of teaching on the internet alone have allowed him to help hundreds of people spread across a number of continents. His interest is in helping those that find their life experience and reality at odds with each other and to help them come to grips with their own talents and use them as skillfully as possible to change their own lives and the world around them.

    Thanks for your interest and inquiry, hope to hear from you soon.



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