cool-deathA Glimpse of Shamanic Death

Our 2012 workshop was once again held near Louisville, Kentucky.  The secluded cabin provided the environment for introspection and reflection necessary for the difficult topic of shamanic death.  Students and faculty joined together for a weekend of camaraderie and learning - and a few skulls.

The workshop spanned three days, afternoon and evening sessions.  New practices and experiences opened the door on death in a personal way, bringing close the perspective and changes necessary to learn from a glimpse of the abyss.  Besides group activities, much individual time with niteshad and the other faculty cemented a daring journey through the dark.



cabinMore Than Words

Our workshops are designed to be more than words, more than merely a set of mental gymnastics.  We align the energy of the workshop to every participant, to make the experience one of personal growth.  Talk is a necessary part of the shamanic path, to understand (somewhat), but ultimately we must act.  This is still true when on the topic of shamanic death: the unknown has to be experienced, taken into the personal sphere.  

Students arrived Friday afternoon, some greeting old friends and some making new friends.  Friday night, the journey began; simply, at first, and then deeper.  Saturday and Sunday had both afternoon and evening sessions with discussion and practices.   

In the end, all participants had over 20 hours of "formal" workshop time.  Though the students maybe didn't grasp it at first, every one of them left changed.  Death leaves nothing the same.


walkwayWalking Alone, Walking Together

Though this was perhaps the most challenging workshop yet in terms of a topic, it was just the latest in a series of workshops we have put on for our students since 2007.  Our general workshop is usually in the late spring or early summer, and is normally open to any of our students, whether very new to their shamanic journey, or an old, steady hand at it.  

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