Introduction To ShamansCave

This site contains a great deal of information, primarily structured in conversational format.  The shaman's words are displayed in regular text; italics designate questions and comments made by others.  The addition of more content is an ongoing task that will continue for some time.

To navigate the site, use the menu on the left to access each main section.  The menu on the right, on the front page, displays new or featured articles; within each section where it appears, it displays a list of all section contents to enable access to the contents of that section.  The 'breadcrumbs' at the top of each page can be used to scroll back to previous sections (i.e., ShamansCave/About This Site) in addition to clicking on the main section links in the left menu.

Most of the active links on the site display in lavender, and all links will change color when you pass your mouse over them.  Article Titles are links to the complete article and some sections display a 'read more' link as well.  Clicking on either the title or the 'read more' will display the entire article.

We hope you find something useful here in your journey.  Please visit often as we are loading more content all the time.

--ShamansCave Admins