Contemporary Shamanism

The most difficult aspect of clarity, as it should be, is simply that we can no longer lie to ourselves and believe our self-deception.

Clarity can create paralysis when it comes into conflict with the necessary functions of our daily lives where we are trying very hard to hold a normal mask up to the world.

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water rocksShamans talk about energy all the time, either through metaphor, or directly, but most people still fail to understand the connections between their personal energy and the world at large.

Seeing themselves as self-contained units through the haze of western culture, they make the natural logical error of assuming themselves to be complete entities apart from the rest of the universe.

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lightningI guess the issue here is one of cosmology.  The difficulty for the Western Mind in all this is how it is trained to perceive itself as a distinct and seperate entity from all other energies.

The shamanic world view is very different.

In that paradigm, we are perceived as being connected essentially to an almost infinite number of other energies which go together to make up our universe.  So, while we may operate as individuals, with individual identities, we are at the same time functioning as part of a larger, interconnected whole.

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sunsetThe deathwalker is not a grim reaper; they are releasing that which is trapped, moving that which is beyond life, but not yet truly within the clutches of death.

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Where do the Makers come from?

desertviewI tend to think of the system - or rather, 'way of seeing' - as a package deal.  Think of it in terms of a box that is passed down through the generations.  The box can't be divided up among a generation at any time, for to do so would destroy it's ability to be passed intact down through time.

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