art60Most people who study a shamanic path fail to fully appreciate the role perception plays in moving them from point A to point B.

Shamans learn to handle perceptual awareness with a subtle grace which is often ignored by the neophyte, or worse, mistaken for something entirely different.

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rock in the bayHow is ecstatic trance different from self-hypnosis or visualization?

There are some practitioners going around talking about shamanic trance in terms that are right out of a hypnosis textbook. The trance we're talking about can actually start that way, but self-hypnosis tends to spiral in on itself where the ecstatic trance moves outward taking you with it.  It was called ecstatic because it was first arrived at through dance, drumming, and general hoopla

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The most difficult aspect of clarity, as it should be, is simply that we can no longer lie to ourselves and believe our self-deception.

Clarity can create paralysis when it comes into conflict with the necessary functions of our daily lives where we are trying very hard to hold a normal mask up to the world.

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First of all, the second attention is a name, a word, but the concept of what we are talking about has traveled through many cultures and practices over time.

catDifferent shamanic traditions have hailed it by various names.  This doesn't make referring to it as the "second attention" any less valid - it simply removes us from speaking in terms of one particular tradition or another.

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water rocksShamans talk about energy all the time, either through metaphor, or directly, but most people still fail to understand the connections between their personal energy and the world at large.

Seeing themselves as self-contained units through the haze of western culture, they make the natural logical error of assuming themselves to be complete entities apart from the rest of the universe.

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