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About Course

Taught by Kai

What can we say, well, is it fun? No, but then it is a necessary place to understand in the concept of human energy. As a class, it will also make you very popular at parties.

Presented for those who just have to be a wolf or a bear, Shapeshifting is more than a simple transformation; it is a significant act of moving all the student’s energy in an effort to take on the form and awareness of the chosen creature. This is a powerful maneuver on the part of the shifter and requires a great deal of energy. The purpose of the class is not to create shapeshifters, it is rather to teach the student how to take on the awareness of the world around them in a real fashion and experience it directly through their own energy.

Class Length: 7 weeks

Prerequisites: All Tier One, all Tier Two, Recap 3, Spirals 3, Shamanic Death, Seeing 3, Intro to Maker Tradition, Dreaming 3, Stalking 3, Shamanic Power and Faculty Approval/Invitation

Short Description

What can we say, well, is it fun? No, but then it is a necessary place...

Class Times

Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
Shapeshifting 9:30 PM Eastern time


Learn the history of shapeshifting in shamanic practice

Learn about the practice of altering your energy in real ways to appear to the world as you choose

Practical application of shapeshifting techniques in the contemporary world

Tier Three

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