Training the Shamanic Mind

Training the Shamanic Mind

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About Course

Taught by Steve Legarsky

Training the shamanic mind is a precursor to the advanced classes taught at ShamansCave. This class explores the concept of mind versus the shamanic and focuses on techniques to use accessing an extraordinary worldview through the rational mind. The class will use exercises and practices to help train the mind to bend to the total will of the student and allow them to access a larger worldview through the normal channels of perception and awareness. The class is designed to take the exercises from perception (Quicksilver) and intent (Spirals) and sublimate them into a natural flow of practice through the rational mind.

Class Length: 7 Weeks

Prerequisites: (Taking Recapitulation, Spirals, Quicksilver, Dreaming I, Stalking I, Seeing I and Shamanic Tools or faculty approval)

Short Description

Shamanism and the rational mind

Class Times

Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
Shamanic Mind starts Saturday, March 18th at 4PM ET for US students and 10 PM CET for EU students

Shamanic Mind

Examine the vagaries of the modern mind

Learn techniques to open the rational mind to access more in the world

Learning how to focus the mind

Practices for accessing the mind on different levels

Learning focus and movement through the mind

Tier One

Publish modules to the "offcanvs" position.