Tier Three Class Offerings and Descriptions

Tier Three Class Offerings and Descriptions

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Many people have asked over the course of time when the ‘tradition’ will be taught and on this level the process of teaching it begins in earnest. All the other classes lead to this point, yet allow the student to move outward and leave without looking back, taking with them many tools and self-healing on levels previously unknown. Perhaps they have learned something useful, perhaps not, but they are changed on some level. The student needs to consider at this level that going forward leads into a tradition that is very complete and very demanding. This requires both a commitment to the tradition and an understanding that it is the ‘tradition’ and not any person or persons in particular. This is very important to grasp. The makers were, above all, individuals, which I’m sure many have heard said in one class or another, but the statement is very true and one that needs to be understood by the person who comes to the tradition with the idea of commitment.

Before any person takes the third level of classes, a meeting with the faculty is arranged to have questions answered and gain an understanding of what is ahead of them. This is to reassure us and the student practitioner that comprehending the nature of the process and the demands it places upon people is clear and complete.

  • Recapitulation 3 - The Final Act
  • Spirals 3: Learning the Three P's - Plus Time, Circumstance and Relationship
  • Shamanic Death
  • Seeing 3 - Outside Normal Awareness
  • The Introduction of the Tradition – The Makers
  • Dreaming 3 - The Other
  • Stalking 3 - The Other
  • Shamanic Power - Combining Will and Lunacy
  • Shape Shifting
  • Moving Energy 3 - Moving with Intent
  • Introduction to Healing - The Maker Method

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Tier Three Class Offerings and Descriptions

Tier Three

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