Seeing 3 – Outside Normal Awareness

Seeing 3 – Outside Normal Awareness

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About Course

Hey, even shamans have to have fun.

Seeing 3 is more of a fun class that learns to perceive far outside our normal awareness and examine those entities and energies that inhabit an unseen world from normal daily awareness. The class will practice with exercises and methods to bring the student awareness through ‘seeing’ these various energies and how they move through their worlds, either aware or unaware of human beings. This is not a class that involves interacting with these energies, although that may occur in some circumstances. The primary goal is to become aware of them on a daily basis and enlarge the worldview of the student beyond the basic ‘shamanic’ mindset of special journeys or reading ‘signs’

Class Length: 7 weeks

Prerequisites: All Tier One, all Tier Two, Recap 3, Spirals 3, Shamanic Death and Faculty Approval/Invitation

Short Description

Hey, even shamans have to have fun.

Class Times

Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
Seeing 3, starts week of June 4th , 2023 day and time TBD

Seeing 3

Examining through seeing other energies in the world

Journey work to see other places outside normal awareness

Learning about being a seer in the Maker tradition

How this sort of seeing works in the contemporary world

Tier Three

Publish modules to the "offcanvs" position.