Healing 2

Healing 2

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About Course

This class covers Healing emotional issues with detachment through the emotional energy layer of the energy body, seeing the seminal event of clients, and understanding how the emotions affect (and are affected by) the elements. Calming exercises are also discussed and practiced for both the client and the healer.

Class Length: 7 Weeks

Prerequisites: Tier Five Healing classes may be attended by students who have taken Tiers 1 through 3, have had the Agreement, and have an interest in healing. Tier Four classes can be taken concurrently with Tier Five classes.

Short Description

Healing emotional issues and working in healing through the emotional energy layer of the energy body.

For those who want to learn shamanic healing using the Maker Method

Classes are somewhat geared toward the specific students in the class and take into account their existing skills, talents, and knowledge

Each of the the ten classes have a particular focus and intent related to different aspects of healing using the Maker Method

Class format is primarily conversational with lecture content and real-world examples provided, with a possible movement practice suggestion between classes

Students invited to participate in Maker Healing Group Ongoing Healing Lab concurrently

Tier Five

Publish modules to the "offcanvs" position.