Recapitulation 1 starts 9/22/23 10 PM ET

Recapitulation 1 starts 9/22/23 10 PM ET

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About Course


Self-Healing deals with the techniques of the recapitulation practice and the methods involved in reclaiming your personal energy, healing the wounds of the past and learning to understand what is yours and what is not in the world. Niteshad (Gary Mills) has written extensively about the recapitulation as practice as well as other methods for healing the self. This class will be run in eight week sessions, simply because the nature of the practice requires a longer period of time to begin and assess. Self-healing is a process and can take time, the class is designed to allow people to move at their own pace as individual needs require.

Class Length: 8 weeks

Prerequisite: None

Short Description

A path to self healing. Starts week of September 17, 2023, day and time TBT - check back for updates!

Class Times

Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
Starts week of September 17th, class times and day TBD

Recapitulation 1

Learn multiple techniques for recapitulation

Reclaim your personal energy

Let go of the past to create a better future

Understand in detail how your past has shaped you

Gain control of your own self healing

Tier One

Publish modules to the "offcanvs" position.