Shamanic Will/Voice

Shamanic Will/Voice

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About Course

The Shamanic Will class focuses primarily on technique and the ability to project personal energy through shamanic voice, as well as other aspects of projecting into the world through individual expression. The class will examine through practices and exercises the methods for expressing a shamanic intent through an act of will directly into the daily world. The class focuses as a beginning point primarily on the voice, but will also explore other ways in general that shamanic will can be focused on the daily world and elsewhere.

Class Length: 7 Weeks

Prerequisites: (Taking Recapitulation, Spirals, Quicksilver, Dreaming I, Stalking I, Seeing I and Shamanic Tools or faculty approval)

Short Description

Learning to speak to the world through a shamanic voice

Class Times

Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
Shamanic Will /Voice, starts week of June 4th, 2023 day and time TBD

Shamanic Will and Voice

Understanding the nature of will

Learning how to express will through your senses

Understanding and using will through voice

Learning to express your will in the world

Learning focus and movement through an act of will

Tier One

Publish modules to the "offcanvs" position.