Free Q&A Talk on Recap.! - 2/25/23 9:30 PM ET

Free Q&A Talk on Recap.! - 2/25/23 9:30 PM ET

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About Course

Let's Talk About Recapitulation! Date: Saturday, February 25th at 9:30 pm (U.S. Eastern Time) Cost: Free

Join me for a lively conversation about all things Recap. Participation is encouraged (and expected).

For those people who are thinking about taking a class, consider this:

“The technique has steps, phases and ramifications as the process unfolds for the individual practicing it. It is not a new technique, and not one that I invented.” “You will be surprised after doing even a partial Recapitulation at how much energy it was taking . . . to keep those things from the past alive . . . “ – Gary Mills (niteshad)

It may not be new, but it’s definitely different in the way it’s taught here at ShamansCave. It is the beginning and the end. We are reborn through the process often called the “little death’. If you’re looking for a unique way of perceiving, lasting results and understanding yourself on a whole new level, then please sign up for this event so you can explore if taking a class is for you.

For those people who have been practicing for a long or short while, consider this:

“I also realized that there were two essential elements present in the process; one could be used primarily for self-healing, the second was more complete, and stepped a person off on to the part of the shamanic”” . . . the way you are now will not work for someone who seeks to practice as a shaman in any of the traditions.” – Gary Mills (niteshad)

Come prepared to ask questions and share your awesome experiences.

Lucy (travellur)

Short Description

Join us for a free Q&A about the Recapitulation practice, hosted by Lucy (Travellur) 9:30 PM ET on 2/25/23 - a link to the discussion will be sent after you register. See details below.

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