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Eman Hassan

Senior Faculty and Advisor

About Eman Hassan

Eman Hassan is a maker, healer, poet, and teacher. She has lived in many places, worn many hats in her life including being a founding member of a university or two and earning a Doctor of Philosophy, but no matter what corporate, writerly, or academic success she achieved, they paled next to her journey of becoming a maker. As a child, she quickly understood that not everyone could see what she saw or had the same experiences she had that left her with a growing mountain of unanswered questions. She learned to keep quiet about them, but that didn’t stop her from searching high and low for answers. She’d heard about shamanism but didn’t understand that she was born with the possibility of being one, that she came into this world intending to be a maker until years later, after her second near death experience.


She grew to understand that even though we are all connected, we are all not the same energetically, that there are some who are born with a slightly different energetic configuration that gives them a wider world view in the consensus reality we live in. Of all the hats Eman has worn, the hat of Maker fits her best, not because the hat was made for her, but because she was made to wear this hat. Since the 90’s she’d had dreams where she is having conversations with a man in suspenders, someone she’d later meet in life and realize it was Gary Mills. She knows there are others out there who suspect that our world is really a vast unexplored secret and are looking for answers too, that if you’re reading her bio, you just might be one of them.