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  1. Do not worry about what you cannot change, it is done. But If you cannot change the past then you might as well empty it: take the energy out of it for your use at your disposal in the now to create a different future from where you are standing to stand somewhere else with power. I guess that’s my philosophy.
  2. Hello Varg, You should check out some of the articles on a practice we do called recapitulation and consider adding it to your "fixing it" list. It's a form of energy retrieval from life, trauma- doesn't take the memory away but leaves the memory empty of feeling. Yes the dreaming space is a great dumping ground for trauma, suppressed memories, etc. But why live with PTSD, when you an heal it? All that energy of ours we leave lying around through the corridors of time, from people, wars, family stuff, exes, you know just from being alive. I think if every human practiced recapitulation, we would be in a different collective reality. It really works, Varg. Eman
  3. I have to say I’m really enjoying this exchange and comparison of traditions. About your comment on Odin, Vargtid, on how religions draw from more ancient practices, last November I was walking in the mountains in Oregon and was struck by how beautiful the pine trees looked, decorated by fall leaves. It reminded me of how Dec 25th was originally a sacred day for Druids. The way you've tattooed spells on your knuckles is intriguing: one thing I have seen is that energetic truth is the same across all traditions, and that the way energy moves is often reflected in the physical world. We use the spiral a lot in this tradition, for example, because it represents the motion of the physical universe, among other things. e.
  4. Well said— energetic truth is energetic truth no matter what tradition you follow. Also, great poem, I understand. e.
  5. Hello again. Just to add to what Holly said about the nature of the universe as predatory, there is such a myriad of entities out there. In our tradition we have seen that when a human being passes from life, their energy unravels and goes back to what we call the pool of human energy however sometimes people who have died traumatic deaths, as you described, leave some of their emotional energy here. Sometimes clusters of the residual energy from different people can be drawn together to form what is known as a poltergeist. These also create cold spots and smells of sulfur and are drawn to emotionally troubled people. I have also encountered what is known as demons, twice, when you encounter one will know, they are a very different beast. The universe can be looked at as having a creative and a destructive side, each has a role to play in the cycles of life and death. The best thing I can say to anyone is try to heal yourself as much as possible before dancing with anything you encounter. That way you can stand in your own powerful, fully, and act from that position. We focus so much on self-healing in this tradition so that any spirit or entity cannot hook on to your unhealed parts, among other reasons like being free in the world of Man- people also like to hook your energy too and take your power from you. Better to be detached, healed, free. We like to have full control of ourselves, for we know that sometimes entities (or people) find those places in our energy they can hook on to and as Holly described, feed, or make agreements with us that we aren’t fully conscious of. Nothing or anyone has the right to your energy but you. You sound like you lead an interesting life, Vargtid, but it’s ok to get a good night’s sleep. In fact, the dreaming side is such an exciting world. Yes, other entities do exist there that like to feed too but I wouldn’t worry about it so much. Symbols are a universal language and act like containers they hold much more than what meets the eye, don’t they? e.
  6. Hi Vargtid, yes I agree every culture has their own shamans, I know what Asatru is, I have a great respect here for polytheism and your heritage, and yes, while drugs may sometimes be a shortcut for spontaneous experiences, they are just that- spontaneous, you are not in control, and here we are drug-free and learn to do all that we do with our own energy the experiences you can have by yourself alone, as you may have seen, are much more exciting. I'm happy for you that you stopped the drugs, I know all about that too, as you experienced they are only a screen saver, the real ability comes from your own energy. Take your energy back from all the drugs now that you stopped them and see what happens to you *grin*. You are right, this is a place where you don't sound crazy- crazy is normal here, weird is good. All of us here I think have been drawn to an energetic intent put out by the universal intent to bring more shamanism out into this world to help heal it and do all the fun crazy stuff we shamans like to do. We are dreamers, healers, energy movers, stalkers, time travelers, we move through worlds and explore them there are so many fascinating creatures out there.... yes NDE's, active dreaming, talking to the dead, yes all signs of someone who is bent, I've had my own share of that in fact I would say your NDE's probably brought out your shamanic side even more.... you have very interesting energy, and you are not wrong this is a place where you can talk to any of us, we all all with one foot in life and one foot in death, in this world and others. Yes books don't teach you I agree, energy teaches you, everything I know and have learned has been taught to me energetically or I have learned it by myself, never from a book. The spirit in your house, the one you call your guard dog, is pretty interesting, we call beings like her "Allies", they come in many shapes and forms and often there is an energetic exchange between the shaman and the ally. We're all about personal power and energy here, about taking our energy back from this world, healing ourselves to the point of complete freedom and power that we can go anywhere and see anything in this world and out. You've come to a group of shamans where we think weird and crazy is good because it usually means it's outside of that narrow microscopic world view most humans experience life through. Truly, welcome here, ᚹᚨᚱᚷ. The shamans here come from all over the world, I'm sure someone else will probably jump in and say hello at one point too. e.
  7. Hello, Vargtid. Nice to meet you. Can I ask, what does being a practicing shaman mean to you? I find it to be such a broad, blanket term. We here are Makers, from a tradition that originated in France about a century ago. I see you are reaching out, you can find out more about the tradition here by browsing the public articles available on this site. Please feel free to ask any questions, a number of us often check the site and are happy to answer any questions, about the tradition we practice and general shamanic topics. Welcome to Shamanscave! Eman
  8. Hello again. You know, we have a class here that's just about recapping and a new session is starting this Saturday Oct. 2... maybe the timing of your post here is serendipitous, let's say. I think if you are taught how's to do it properly, you'll do it and stick to it. Just 15-20 minutes a day, and within two months you'll start to feel a difference. Six months in, you'll feel like a different person. Stronger. Happier. Free from all the suffering and guilt you seem to carry. Believe me- or try for yourself. I really, really, hope you take it. I think if every human on earth practiced recapitulation our world would be a very different, happier reality. Intending you all the best on your journey towards healing and freeing yourself. Eman
  9. Hi, Arcane Human, I was just talking with someone about how wonderful meditation is but the tragedy is that you put so much work into it without getting your energy back- that exactly is what will help you heal. I once meditated for years, it energized me etc but it wasn’t until I tried recapitulation that I actually began to heal …. Myself. can I suggest something? Browse through the articles on the caveshamans site and read up on what that is- recapitulation, an act of energy retrieval, and come back with a few questions, we’d all be happy to jump in and answer because everyone here has done it and really got a lot of self healing done that no one could ever give us. Eman
  10. Hi Koiu. I would say, retrieve your energy from the world. We lose energy as we go though life- check out the sections / articles on recapitulation. We constantly move through life retrieving our energy and find the ways we lose energy and try trouble change those things about how we live. Good luck to you a d let us know if you have any questions about the recap once you’ve read the articles. Mandy
  11. Hi Dreamer123, If 20-25 years ago someone told me that Castaneda's books served only a small purpose and only flickers of shamanic truth, I wouldn't have been able to imagine it. I had them all read them all, many times. Carlos' work serves a purpose: they are a stepping stone and can be a trigger for those who are energetically bent as dreamers and otherwise, act like a calling card, but it is up to you and your intent to decide if you want to stop with his lovely works of fiction or really allow yourself to discover what's behind the trail of little breadcrumbs his narratives hint at. You really can't get that from a book, although you can evolve naturally as a dreamer on your own you will probably only get so far. Waking up in your dreams, taking control in the dreamscape, is really just a fun beginning. Imagine Mandy
  12. What Stacey said- sage advice!
  13. Break the agreements and recap is the way to go. Stalk yourself to a different position and, if possible, remove them from your life... but we can't always kick our boss at work to the curb
  14. Agreed, recap was the first time I saw that too.
  15. Yeah energy, that thing that often defies logic, n'est pas? I do think time and physical space can be interconnected, but not necessarily you can experience time without space. Speaking to your specific example, I have also experienced how speed and gravity can affect your perception of how you move through space, a la Einstein. To me, it's as if everything slows down. Once I fell off the back of a truck but the way I fell, my body was spinning in the air before it hit the ground but it felt like I was moving very slowly. Another time I was in the center of a car flipping over, everything became very slow, almost stood still, even though the car was moving very fast. I think you felt the energy of time- in your body, in your energy, moving through space really fast on a train. Time is a real energy, but we've all agreed that it moves in a linear fashion, forward, and that makes sense if you want to measure the sunrise to sunset or being a baby to an old person. But I have also experienced how time is also outside of the physical world. Shamans have been playing with this for centuries, quantum physics is really only just catching up with what we have been saying: there is potential to move through time with your energy, sideways, backwards, or multiple possible future outcomes, and it doesn't have to be with your body.
  16. Eman


    Hi there. Visions usually are that, like watching a tv screen that's a good way to describe them. We all 'see' uniquely, for example sometimes the things I see (and I don't mean with my physical eyes) takes on a cartoonish quality. I've also found that the cusp between asleep and awake can be an opening to see and experience beyond the normal human range. Sometimes our own energy, and events in our lives, will prod us in the direction of seeing and experiencing things outside the box of normal human experience. You wrote that you're beginning to wake up: when a person starts this process things can energetically begin to become more fluid too. Mandy
  17. Eman


    I’d intent to discover what brings me fulfillment and joy. Try new things. Spend time in nature. Find Creative outlets like painting or language coding. Sewing clothes, wood work or making music... it just depends on the person. It’s good to find things it will make you feel less restless. Plus it will give you hands and mind something to do as your energy grows and changes. Mandy
  18. Eman


    Hi. People who are bent have a hard time forging friendships and connecting with the mainstream in the world. Sometimes those who are drawn to the shamanic often go through phases where they stop the world too, especially when they come to that nexus where they want to fundamentally change who they are and heal. It may be something your energy is doing consciously or unconsciously, to give yourself the space to see what you want to make in the world. One thing I've grown to realize it that there's a difference between being lonely and alone. I think once you've cleared your table top and healed a little more you'll begin to connect more with the world and the people in it, but on your terms, and like-minded people will come your way. I'm glad you're here, and someone is always down for a chit chat
  19. Eman


    Hi Babylace94, Your view of the world resonates with us all, its construct, your desire to live a different way and be at one with nature... we used to live that way, be more at one with the world and we worked to live not lived to work.... this is the age and time we are in, but there's nothing to say it has to stay this way. Just as you are awakening so are others, so take heart. What is crazy and what is normal anyway? You are you. What keeps me going is the very thing that touches you so deeply you say you've lost the will to live... life itself. I'm going to die one day anyway, so my work here is to live life to its fullest, and to work to make the reality I want to live in. Your nostalgia, what you seek, that great joy in being here and connected to the universe is beautiful, and real. It's why we are alive. Don't go back to sleep: the world needs more people like you.
  20. Hi Anthony, You know, I can really relate to how you're feeling. There was a time in my life I felt my whole life was being lived for others, controlled by others, and all my time energy money and life choices I made weren't about me. I too was scared and frightened and although I didn't fully understand what had happened to me to get that way, I knew I didn't want to live like that anymore. I felt like if I continued on like that I was just going to die. I felt so drained. Recapitulation, I can tell you, literally saved my life. Bit by bit, I retrieved the energy I had lost along the way. I took it back from people, my past painful experiences, the ones who hurt and betrayed me or broke my heart, people who were mean to me, or the jobs that I was a slave to. The recap exercise really helped me understand myself and how I just gave my energy away, and how to take it back. Slowly, it was as if I was coming back to life, like I was shattered pieces of a lightbulb that were coming back together and my light getting stronger. We call the recapitulation an act of self-healing for a reason, because it is. Like Lorrie said, make your lists, reclaim your energy, and your world will change. It's like you begin to own your own power and live life on your own terms. I hope this makes sense Just try it, and do it for a few months, and you will see what I mean. Take the class coming up in January if you can. Even if you can't, you have the exercise, and know that we are all here for you if you want to talk and get some advice. Mandy
  21. Hi Taloy. I'm not familiar with tobacco fasts or ayahuasca either, the type of shamanism we practice at Cave Shamans works purely with energy and not medicines. There are many shamanic traditions, ours originated in Europe, I'm curious to know more about it though. What we do here is practice a self-healing method called Recapitulation, which helps heal your energy. If you're curious about it you can find out more about it here: https://www.shamanscave.com/self-healing/recapitulation/ Good luck with getting rid of your blockage, and welcome to the cave.
  22. Hi Voice29, A voice once told me, "how can you heal others, unless you first heal yourself?" Even though we here at the cave believe self-healing is an ongoing process, you need to get a good handle on it and do some groundwork there before you try to work on others because you might not be detached enough to see how to be able to truly help another. We teach an ancient self-healing practice here called recapitulation, one that is as old as shamanism itself and can be found in many respective traditions. It focuses on energy retrieval so you can take back your energy from the world and give back what is not yours, so that you may return to your true un-traumatized self and live the life you were meant to lead in the world, a life that belongs to you and you alone. Can I make a suggestion? Focus on healing yourself and not listening to anyone just now, be they voices you hear or people who whisper suggestions to you. In the process you will change and will become stronger, your light much brighter, without the help of anyone but yourself remembering how to stand in your own power. There's nothing quite like it. There are articles on the public forums just type "self healing" or "recapitulation" in the search bar it should take you to some good reads on the practice. We also offer online classes here that elaborate on self-healing through the recapitulation process, along with exercises. You don't necessarily have to be a shaman to do this but most traditions, if not all, begin with learning how to self-heal. I can tell you from personal experience that I am a changed woman because of it, among other things. I hope this helps. Eman
  23. Good luck and thank you!
  24. Hi YourHumbleServant, You should, if you are choosing to go to school and study, do what you feel calls out to you and makes the reality that you choose to study. The best way I can describe the path of the maker is that it doesn't have much to do with knowledge, school and science but everything to do with experience. What you are exposed to only enriches whatever journeys you undertake and quality of life. Good luck to you, and welcome to the cave Eman
  25. {{Sphinxy}} The realm of ideas and readings are wonderful journeys, but they are finite spaces. In my experience on the shamanic path they don't compare with personal experiences that don't happen in the realm of readings and ideas but in realm of energy. All writings and ideas as such stem from an individual's personal experience. No matter how much they tantalize and excite the mind or your energy, I personally have discovered, it's really different to read about someone who could do X or Y than to be able experience it and do it yourself. To go through the rigor, the journey, and really become a thing, as apposed to reading about the possibility of such a thing. To read about Marjorie Kemp, Merlin, or Gandalf, or to become one like those we read about. Mandy
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