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  1. On 11/23/2020 at 2:11 PM, Strange the fated said:

    Hello all, I am a Norse pagan and shamanism hasn’t really hit much but I got into a discussion about the subject and asked a few questions and wanted more insight. Do you have to be initiated by a shaman to become one? 

    Whether you're a 'shaman' or not is truly up to your community you would be serving, but that truly becomes beside the point when you begin unfolding all your power with grace and glory. To expand on something a friend of mine here had said to me, shamanism is a state of being- and it exists for us all in potential. There are many reasons ofc why it doesnt become something more for every person, mainly because we all have our own paths and there are so many to choose from :) though yes, also the provisions of culture count a lot, shamanism typically isnt inherent to every culture and furthermore, it's misunderstood by many these days (though it's tricky to wrap the mind around, i don't blame people for their interpretations. Today :) ) but most of all, its a choice. You have to work really hard at it- it doesnt just come to someone and serve them. And accept it will compromise your expectations.

     Feeling satisfied with myself as a 'shaman' has become less of an important destination for me, and more about- well why do I care, anyway? What led me here?

  2. Thanks Cammie! I appreciate that perspective. Reading that got me to realize I wasn't using intent because of this pattern I have carried around life long: I felt like my intent was reminding me that I'm a 'bad person' or whatever, and that I need those constant reminders, because it gets me to stay overly conscious of everything I do so that I don't hurt everyone/piss them off. I'd rather avoid recapping this, but let's see what fun happens

    Same Douglas, it's kind of truly amazing, some of the things I've been able to accomplish with my intent, but I'm still getting used to the 'lifestyle' so I sometimes forget entirely I could apply it

  3. than she hung around and looked at me, and moved around as though she were trying to get back to the other side, i wondered if she had babies in the brush she had jumped out of before me. i kept driving slowly to admire the foxy foxiness...i'm not happy with this almost running over animals

  4. 9 hours ago, nitekreature said:

    I almost hit a fox . It ran out in the road :( 5 feet in front of my car on dark road at midnight with no lights , I just saw a dark shadow run by .

    this literally also happened to me about three days ago

  5. On 10/6/2020 at 1:58 AM, nitekreature said:

    What ... awesome :) we are "seeing " them now for many reasons ;)

    Tbh i still have no idea why I see whatever in my environment when I do. Throughout this past month I kept almost running over animals, or running over already dead animals, and I mightve been the one who hit the skunk that sprayed me and my car. It felt like a nightmare. But if we can just open ourselves to hearing the language of our energy more instead of listening to our minds about what it all 'means'....I think thats where it counts.

  6. 4 hours ago, Mandy said:

    Hi Dreamer123,

    If 20-25 years ago someone told me that Castaneda's books served only a small purpose and only flickers of shamanic truth, I wouldn't have been able to imagine it. I had them all read them all, many times. Carlos' work serves a purpose: they are a stepping stone and can be a trigger for those who are energetically bent as dreamers and otherwise, act like a calling card, but it is up to you and your intent to decide if you want to stop with his lovely works of fiction or really allow yourself to discover what's behind the trail of little breadcrumbs his narratives hint at. You really can't get that from a book, although you can evolve naturally as a dreamer on your own you will probably only get so far. Waking up in your dreams, taking control in the dreamscape, is really just a fun beginning. Imagine :)


    The power behind this response tho <3

  7. And to piggyback what karl said too about community members not immediately recognizing shamans, this is true- though I do think that someone w shamanic energy is almost universally 'responded to'  on  energetic level in a way that's unique within every community, and 'sought after' when shamanic assistance is needed....lol....not to say they're given the same level of recognition and consideration those w less taboo roles in the community are given.

  8. Karl is right, the shaman title is street cred given by ones fellow community members one serves. I could call myself a shaman (my ego is very individualistic and proud hehe)  bc of my inclinations but doing so is not a shamanic movement. Also plz know you dont need to wait around for anything to get done for you- not even yr ancestors. Manifesting your buried dreams is the most radical thing you can do ...all the best to you on yr journey...

  9. 23 hours ago, kim said:


    yes ofc that would be helpful.  i feel the protectiveness you're feeling btw. i often do not take kindly to transphobia bc it's an insult to the earth...ommitting why... at the same time, yes history has some endless patterns, but it does not mean northi wont survive. we have to be strong for those that we're protecting and trust that their power to survive and grow from the unlikeliest circumstances when they're feeling unable to see this themselves. even when the odds are up against them : ) gives ppl the push to set themselves free...

  10. 12 hours ago, kim said:

    that's disappointing I had hoped they contacted you privately  silenceseeker  I was more than certain you would be have been able to steer them gently in the right direction Northi faces a journey that can be very lonely I hope they surface again !


    i think the loneliest journeys can be the most rewarding ultimately...you can always put your intentions out there for them, i am too :)

  11. i would focus less on who they are, where they come from, what they're about and the fact that whoever these things are think they can have their way with you. what is it in yourself that you can push out to remind yourself that your energy is worth way more than getting messed with? the others don't matter. it's about us trusting our own glorious power. trust me i know it''s unfair but we have certain responsibilities when leech energy comes at us lol, but withstanding how unfair things are is what being brave is all about : )

    keep pushing your assertiveness out there consistently. you are allowed to have your boundaries. : ) everything has a power to it that can be amazing for healing, but you need to set boundaries first so that your energy doesn't get overwhelmed with *everything* that can be offered from another source all at once. generally i find that the most aggressive forces out there have the most healing to offer. also i'm good at giving advice, but it took me forever to begin getting to this place...



  12. On 4/16/2020 at 10:42 PM, nitekreature said:

    Hello ,

    I am going through a major depressive episode . I have tried recapping and feel stuck , like my recapping is not working ? idk . I am aware of all the energy and shifts taking place in the earth . Any suggestions / help  greatly appreciated . 

    Thank you .

    hey karen, it is suggested to me to write a list of things you wanna recap. i would do it with the intent of recapping depression if that's how you want to do it. you don't have to follow the list, i never do- i wind up following what my energy shows me, but it creates a really clear starting point. water for self compassion, fire for releasing internalized anger. *hugs*

  13. On 2/15/2016 at 10:45 AM, silenceseeker said:

    Hello Joyfull,


    The answer is Yes, we think it's possible. Anything is possible if you allow it to exist as a probability To say with absolute certainty that it will be stopped is difficult to say as intent moves in very complicated and seemingly unpredictable ways. However, it is amazing to discover how often one can create a 'miracle' by pushing an intent into the right opening at the right time.


    For a situation like this, I personally will keep pushing the opening for that to happen as things can turn on a dime when so much is at state.



    Dear Lorrie,

    I just came across this topic. I was wondering how one's healing intent plays out in situations like this, situations as in other ppl's conflicted intents. in other words how can one move against/through resistance of others like that, to create an opening for healing possibilities?

  14. To add to the topic of sleep paralysis, just BC I feel I'm *quite* the seasoned expert on the subject :D,

     Myaa, if this is a relevant topic to you or not lol: I came to a point recently where I  choose 'radical acceptance' of it when I feel it coming on. This allows me to ride over it like a cloud, pushing my breathing into the space below my belly and opening my heart wide. It's an opportunity to intend everything you need to in this spitfire manner. For me, i come out of it all aware and enlightened. If sleep paralysis happens to you and you try it, Myaa, you might see that in a sense we choose to color our perceptions in the way that seems to make the most sense to us (eg. Terror upon entering REM paralysis), but if you switch it to the opposing perception (love upon entering REM paralysis), you notice how capable of speaking directly to God/what-have-you you are...

    For anyone who reads this that has seizures with auras, this applies too...my last seizures I saw everything so clearly, like a great owl swooping around me and a huge ball of light, I heard myself think, "THERE IT IS!"; came out feeling cleared out of all my ish and enlightened.

    < 3 S

  15. On 9/25/2019 at 1:56 AM, Deathwalker said:


    It is a difficult thing to deal with, believing you were born in the wrong body. It is hard to come to terms with, but I do not believe that anyone is born in the wrong body. I think this feeling stems from issues endured during early childhood, and are not indicative of a reality. It is impossible to become the opposite gender or sex, it is encoded into your DNA and you cannot change your DNA. 

    I think it would be best if you accepted who you were born to be, and attempt to come to terms with your feelings as they relate to your gender. 

    You asked if there was a spirit or angel that grants wishes, and you wanted to wish for a change in your appearance or life. This is very troubling to hear, and it reveals to me that what you really want is an easy way out of your predicament. I'm sorry to say that when you have a problem as big as believing you are something you're not, there is no easy way to fix it. 

    I doubt you will even read this, but I feel like I needed to say it anyway. I wish you luck.

    Everyone's experiences with their respective gender identities comes from a very intimate and valid placenta. Likewise, what we know with our hearts to be authentic about ourselves, whether this contradicts the perceptions others have of who we are, is probably better off expressed in the world so that we can move in it in a way that makes sense to us. To find peace with it is important, and I think what Northi was asking for help with.


  16. Rcd,

    Sometimes external confirmation falls flat when you know something with your heart. If it's that feeling that gives you peace or something else that helps you, no matter how you identify it, let it be as is and you'll learn more from it. The second point I want to make: as you know, it's in the nature of grief to get 'in the way'. Try not to judge it for its demandingness...i'm not saying it's going to make it 'better'. But resisting it, trying to look past it, in my experience, agitates it. Perhaps that feeling in your heart is part of the story of your grief.

    I'm so sorry for the loss of your loved one. Sending intent of healing and kindness. 

    < 3 s

  17. On 5/27/2019 at 2:20 PM, Prairiecreek said:


    Please know that you are loved just the way you are by Jesus. Don't look for "spirits" or entities who someone tells you may help you. They will do everything but help you and initially may even present themselves favorably. They will eventually hurt you. Just ask Jesus to help you with honesty and keep asking him. I promise he will answer you! 

    You're advising us to look to an 'entity'/'spirit' for help...

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