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Questions regarding shamanism

Strange the fated

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Hi Strange, 

I use an analogy with dance these days. See shamanism as dance, there's dance everywhere in the world, it has enough in common so that you recognize it is dancing, but it also encompasses many practices and many tunes.

You could learn to dance on your own and become a very good dancer, but what if you had teachers with a lot of experience with dancing? Maybe they could make you learn faster by giving you exercises or dancing routines. Maybe they could also show you some aspects of dancing you never considered.

Dance well,


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I appreciate the analogy, and it does make sense but still more questions arise.

From a reading stand point I get it, from the perspective of others I do not. Each culture, tribe, clan, religion, path etc has various views on it. I am caught up in what makes one as such? Is it simply to be a spiritual leader for the community/tribe/clan. Is it to traverse with the soul to the beyond for influence and guidance. Are they for the better good? Some shamans can been seen as destructive while others nurturing. My understanding is through the eyes of a Heathen, which has very limited access to shamanic practices, we have a few and that involves trance and fate dealings that are done by The Völur.  Some say you need to do this others say that, some frown heavily upon the neopagan out look. 

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On 11/23/2020 at 2:11 PM, Strange the fated said:

Hello all, I am a Norse pagan and shamanism hasn’t really hit much but I got into a discussion about the subject and asked a few questions and wanted more insight. Do you have to be initiated by a shaman to become one? 

Whether you're a 'shaman' or not is truly up to your community you would be serving, but that truly becomes beside the point when you begin unfolding all your power with grace and glory. To expand on something a friend of mine here had said to me, shamanism is a state of being- and it exists for us all in potential. There are many reasons ofc why it doesnt become something more for every person, mainly because we all have our own paths and there are so many to choose from :) though yes, also the provisions of culture count a lot, shamanism typically isnt inherent to every culture and furthermore, it's misunderstood by many these days (though it's tricky to wrap the mind around, i don't blame people for their interpretations. Today :) ) but most of all, its a choice. You have to work really hard at it- it doesnt just come to someone and serve them. And accept it will compromise your expectations.

 Feeling satisfied with myself as a 'shaman' has become less of an important destination for me, and more about- well why do I care, anyway? What led me here?

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Hello Strange!!! I am not a Shaman either I have no specific titles but in my perspective, Shamanism is also a way to communicate with your Power Animal, and reach within you to access The Universe as I have. Also, it is a way to be humble, and have tremendous amount of patience. I hope that helped a bit, but even Norse Shamanism can be found. Many blessings!! and I send my highest Energy Vibes to you. Have a great Journey

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