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Does anyone on this forum do volunteer soul retrieval work for lost soul fragments?

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I have posted a few posts on this forum and I appreciate so much everyones help and responses.    I am having a hard time on my own reclaiming energy I would like to retrieve.  I think this is due to extreme series of traumas both sexual, emotion and physical as well as NDES and I often feel other people in my energy field as well.   I have a hard time concentrating and staying focused on exercises I am reading about on the internet.   I recently came back from a complete nervous and physical breakdown.

I have been reading about soul fragmentation as well as soul retrieval.    

Is there anyone from a distance that would be willing to do any soul retrieval work for me as a practice if you are feeling strong in your practice yourself?   I felt somewhat awkward as if I was asking for a handout and I do not want anyone to feel obligated.    

I just need some extra right now in my own practice to regain my strength and I am wondering if it is energy that I am unable to figure out how to retrieve or too exhausted to do this myself at the time.   

I have found days where just getting out and functioning after it all to be almost too exhausting emotionally after regaining the ground I have gained.   

I will continue to try the exercises on this forum as well.  I have been experiencing some energies trying to interfere by either distraction or confusion and I really need some help in clearing and also regaining my energy.

Feel free to send me a PM and no pressure.. just if it feels "right" and you feel you are supposed to work with me.  Otherwise not a worry and it may not be the right thing to do for some reason and I will continue foward on my own..
Right now I am so exhausted from it all it feels left to prayer and also my own visualizations in prayer and meditation that I make up to see if the exercises are working..

Possibly someone else could help that is in a stronger more grounded state than myself..   I am doing my best and researching and reading online .  I am just exhausted.  Thanks for the reads!



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I think you've seen from all the responses that everyone here is genuinely reaching out a hand to help you and believes in you. I wish there were shortcuts but there aren't, not anymore than a diet pill that will give you a temporary solution but won't keep the weight off. A shaman can help you heal and get you on the path to healing, give you temporary relief, but the intent and willpower for lasting change to has to come from you. Anyone who tells you otherwise and charges you a lot of money for it shouldn't be doing that. Please give recap a try. It really works. You don't have anything to lose but everything to gain. What you've shared with us on the forums sounds quite traumatic, and the thing about past trauma is that it continues to stay alive energetically in your past. Recap will empty the past of all emotional resonance and helps you heal it by retrieving the energy from it. The thing about recap: it does take time but again, there are no magic diet pills. If you recap for a few months, even 2-3 months with just 20 minutes daily, you're going to start feeling like a different person. Shamans have been doing this ancient exercise for thousands of years because it works. I intend for you the same healing opportunity that recap gave myself and many others before me.

I used to visit Sedona, AZ, when I lived in the valley years ago. The wildflowers up there are exquisite.


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