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Spirit spouse clearings and what is the truth about spirit spouses to you?

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I know I have made a few posts here.  I apologize if they have been somewhat jumbled if they were.   It was over a year with warring spirit spouses and I was not aware such things existed.  I was visited with gifts, roses, the creation of spirit children, and also spirits that wished to suck the life out of me.  I also had an ancestral spirit spouse which was my father who became very domineering and jealous.  The spouses would war one another and the children were also caught in a battlefield.

It was confusing to me because of the different perspectives from the shamanic beliefs on these beings/spirits and the christian beliefs.   I could feel, smell, and taste in other realities and instructed at times "let me take you on a journey" by a spouse with visions of what we were doing or visions of the children would come to me .  It was all very heartbreaking because of a war I became stuck in the middle of feeling like a game piece almost and just desiring freedom as a woman.   

I will not go into a long rant this time.   What the domineering spouses would do would wrap around my head and put cords in my spine to deter other mates or "rule" as a patriarchal husband while other spouses were not of patriarchy and also warring.  They would do things to make me unattractive to other mates or the cord in my crown distract me while having conversations of my own while trying to loop me in circles with what they desired in my my mind with a cord.   

I tried excercises and many things and could not for quite a while get my own power back.   

If anyone can do a clearing for me I would greatly appreciate it and also insight on what these beings actually are and their true intent.   I had cords go into me by beings that tried to suck the living lifeforce out of me as well and control my freedom as a woman.   It was all very frightening and left me scattered and not myself even in writings or too tired at times to do exercises. As if I needed someone else to clear for me just to get my freedom back because they had been that draining in a spirit spouse war.   

I had to get on medication to avoid suicide and I had a spouse tell me you need to take iboga and I had no knowledge of what iboga even was at that point- nor am I running towards iboga after the hell I went through.  Many hospitalizations and disbelief from the system this was actually happening to me.  It sure opened my eyes that we need healing centers across the USA for people dealing with the paranormal or spirit world that are being taken away and labeled schizophrenic or with other conditions that are experiencing experiences like my own.    

There was no place for me or healing center.  The state had confinscated my bank funds and had given me a state guardian and I could only go to treatment centers they approved.  I was trapped and still waiting for my funding back.  I could not hop on a plane and go to a shamanic healing center or any other option than what was given and the traditional treatment only depressed me further or at least gave me rest in a bed while I was doped up.  

Any other suggestions for people like myself in these situations, where would you go?, and if anyone does clearings just to prevent further warring of spouses in my future would you be willing to do a clearing?  I had become that depleted myself and now in a phase of healing and research.  Hoping one day some good will come out of my story.


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Hi Wildflower,

Have you considered taking classes here yet? We're a 'healing center', in a sense- one that teaches you how to do it yourself without telling you what to believe in. It's very hard work, but ultimately rewarding. : )



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Hi Wildflower, 

I have read all your posts and I'm sure it was already suggested to you, but I would consider giving recapitulation a try -  https://www.shamanscave.com/self-healing/the-recapitulation 

It will help you regain you energy and gradually you'll get stronger and stronger. If you do it, I would suggest starting out with day-to-day events, like recapping your current day at the end of it and not dwelve right into the most intense/traumatic memories. 

I know it's not the kind of answer you maybe want to hear, but no matter how exhausted you are feeling, no one can take away your will unless you let them. The first step really is making that choice to step up and take responsibility for your own energy. Making that choice can be difficult and it won't magically fix anything by itself, but it is very important and it is the first step towards getting back to healthy balance and reclaiming your power and your freedom for yourself. 

You are not the first person who is in a situation where there seems to be endless drama and mystical experiences that won't leave them alone, nor will you be the last, it's nothing special, though I understand it feels very much that way when you're in the midst of it. But I know many people have rolled up their sleeves and managed to get to the heart of the matter and clear up anything that stands in their way. It's not something you have to do alone, there are people who are willing to help, but at the heart of it, it must be *you* who makes the choices and owns the work. If you think about it, someone "fixing" everything for you wouldn't really be that much different from what's happening now. 

I wish you the very best, 


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