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Recapitulation, Creativity, and New Passions


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Hi again,

I'm curious how you all realized that recapitulation was a life changing practice. Like... did you realize that it was changing your life while you were in the midst of a recapping session or did things just start to change in your life and you knew somehow that it was thanks to the practice. Or maybe a bit of both? 

My meditations are always super profound but recapping feels more subtle for me so i'm quite curious about why so many people swear by it. I've been doing it for approximately 20 days and am quite committed to it. I have very recently experienced a possible change in vocation/artistic focus. I was very used to working in the medium of novels and short stories but suddenly decided i would try to write for film. I've always written it off as something i don't really care to learn how to do... so it is an interesting correlation. Even if i don't end up writing for film it's still an adventure to delve into something that's so new to me... even if i choose to walk away from it. Also, my creative brainstorming/story envisioning returned to me after what was about a year and a half hiatus. I knew that the creativity would return at some point but yeah... it's another interesting correlation. What kind of further changes could i anticipate.... like.... what part of the self does the recapping start to work on initially? Does the effect of the practice become more all encompassing of all aspects of life as one continues the recapitulation journey? Does it effect certain areas of life more than others?



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A good question, I'm sure everybody's answer will be different. Maybe some people don't feel that recapping is what really has been the driver for change, although I think it's pretty common in terms of self-healing, here. 

For me, at first it was kind of like just taking back some energy in things, sort of like spot cleaning. And then, I think over a period of about 6 to 12 months, I would start to notice things no longer "fitting", which was pretty strange. The things I had thought and invested in no longer seemed to apply, but on the other hand, I didn't know what did. So it became a period of trying to go deeper and learn what actually mattered, what was "real". Finally, in terms of recap, it was about breaking through the remaining barriers that stood in the way, so to speak. The things about myself that felt like I couldn't change, or that became obstacles. All of that led to even more self-healing, because taking apart things is one side of the equation, and creating something new is the other side.

Of course, a lot of other things were also going on, both in life and in shamanism, so it's not exclusively recap, but a lot of "the work" was recap. A lot of it is the intent to take back energy, heal, see things in yourself clearly, over and over again, until it becomes who you are, what you're living. That's no small thing, when seriously practiced.

Sometimes, I think people make it sound like it's *only* recap, which is probably a bit misleading. It's just a tool. Like, you can recap your job, learn why you argue with your boss, and that may give you a moment to change course the next time something similar happens. But then you have to do something different when the opportunity is there. 


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that's great that you're getting access to that beautiful creative superpower, thomas! recap is subjective for everyone and not linear- at least not for me, it's like a zig zag. it has been like a giant quest, so much purging, unearthing my power from underneath it all. coming of age in many ways lol. like karl said noticing that old things don't 'fit' any longer. just notice that your mind and the people around you who want you to stay the same will try to make that happen.

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