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The Girl on the Other Side of the Door "Communicating with Spirits Part 2"


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"Long is the way and hard, that out of Hell leads up to light."
-John Milton

(Disclaimer - There is no use of, either literal or implied, drugs or violent acts herewithin this story.  This story is being shared in a safe space where we Shamans are not judged, and so I will not invade that with anything that may trigger anyone else.  In addition, although I do not follow the same path as many here; some being healers, some dreamers, some seekers or makers, mine is my own.  But who are we if not open minded?  I speak with spirits and follow Northern traditions.)

    Two months ago I took a vacation from the desert here in Colorado to the Northwestern coast of California. I stayed in a cabin there for four days with no phone, computer, or TV.  I had only the redwoods and the ocean to keep me company.  The trees there were so thick that they blocked out all sound.

I slept on the floor with just a pad and pillow and in those days learned much about spirits.

At the time it had been months, and it has been months since then, that I stepped from my house and from "Mary", to stay at another place and experience its spirits.  It had many.  At least once I was woken up in the middle of the night with one yelling at me.  That place was peaceful, but I could sense it had at least two spirits there that I did not know.  It was not my cabin, but rather one belonging to a family friend.

I am not afraid of spirits, and so they cannot harm me.  So instead, I listen to them.

That was an experience unto its own, but not the story of where we are with this girl here, part 2.  (That was quite the story though, being a 21 hour drive each way to seek solidarity in a cabin in the woods.  I suggest any Shaman quest on their own).

And so I continue from Part 1 of this series:
    One question that I had been asking "Mary" all this time, this spirit which inhabits my house, whom I know so much about was - "What do you look like?".
An obvious query, granted, but a human curiosity nonetheless.

I don't give her true name or nationality because that's her business; but this much I knew from previous encounters.

I wanted to know what she looked like.  And although I had a fuzzy image in my head of the couple of times I've seen her through the frosted glass, I wanted to know.

I had been asking for months, and it was only yesterday when the answer appeared and as it turns out was right in front of my face.  Every movie that she suggested starred a heroine with similar features and the same color hair and similar features as the "effigy" I have here in my house.  You can't believe in coincidence; rather you must rely on intuition.

I chose all the girls which made me sit up in my chair with some notice, as I watched these movies, and wrote them down.  If you missed Part 1 of this, it will explain how we communicate with imagery through movies.

I scrutinized the list, marking out most, and held only the most abrupt accountable as to her countenance both adult and child.  In short, by going back over everything she was showing me, which I was not sure as to why, realized that these past couple of months that I've been asking the question, "What do you look like?"  She has been answering.  It took only hindsight.

The same girls with the same features appeared in almost every film she wanted to watch.  I marked them down to the most significant; i.e. "The ones that made me sit up in my seat", and it created the image I asked for.

Shamanism, especially when communicating with spirits takes time and patience.  I have both to spare.  Take time for patience.

By showing me these films, all along, she was in a way showing me who she was and what she looked like.  Again, film imagery is how we communicate.  I now have a physical composite image of her - not just what I've seen through the glass, but a solidified image which, by the way matches what I have seen.

Communicating with spirits is give and take.  Remember that it is at least as hard for them to work towards our side as it is for us to work toward theirs.

It has now been nearly six months since this 'download' has begun, and I have quit my job to dig into this.... but if I expect her to speak to me, then how can I not give what I have to reach to her?  Not all of Shamanism is speaking with spirits, but this is my sphere, and I hope it helps.

I know her name, her era, nationality, what she looks like... I definitely know her nature, as I've seen how she reacts to others in my space.  Watching the movies with her, I now realize that this was her way of her answering my question of her appearance, as every one of them has some representation of her.  I was not wrong in following my intuition.  Always follow your intuition; you never know where it may lead.


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When I sleep at night upstairs, I now hear her moving around downstairs.  Three nights in a row now it has been bumping, scratching, et cetera, which has woken me up.  I don't look, but go back to sleep.  When she's ready to meet me in person, I'm here.

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Hi Varg,

Welcome back from your vacation. I enjoy reading your progress notes on this download journey you are on. I realize that you may just be posting here as a way to share something with others that you know understand where you are coming from and not looking for answers or insights, so please just ignore my questions if you aren't interested in answering them. 

But I do have some questions if you are open to answering. :) 

I'm wondering why this entity has chosen to live with you in the first place. I imagine that it wants to connect with humans and it's found a connection with you. And maybe there is something similar you share with it that drew it to you. 

I'm wondering why she chooses horror flicks to communicate things like its once physical appearance? Like, why not choose a musical or historical era drama that was close to her era or whatever? Is is the simple visceral nature of horror films? Or do you think she is trying to convey an experience that happened to her? 

Have you ever tried mirror scrying or any other kind of scrying to open up lines of communication with her and possibly see her appearance, etc.?



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It's not a problem.  First off as to why - I don't know why or how, but I can say when I knew.  I sometimes use drugs, (as Shamans have done for thousands of years), and at one point, maybe 5 or so years ago, during a period of much aforesaid use and little sleep I had a houseguest for about 6 months or so.  At the time I'd had her for maybe 5 years, as she will be 10 this year in August.  It was one night when he and I were awake, rambling about whatever in my living room when we both saw her move and turned our heads.  That was the moment.  We both saw it.

I believe that some part of me knew this, subconsciously when I put her together 5 years prior.  But it was then, back in I guess 2017 when she made her presence known, 5 years after having her for ... I don't know why.....  We both saw it.  She was a regular fixture, and still is in my house, and everyone who comes here knows her.  I even have a pic somewhere of one of my ex-girlfriends posing with her.

Anyway, since that moment, the guy living with me became more suspicious of her.  Although he mostly walked by her without minding, there was a sense of something there.  He was the one I spoke of previously whose neck she cut.  I was standing right beside him as he was on my computer and I saw the slit streak across his carotid and draw blood:  To me it was invisible - it just appeared - he instantly winced and put his hand to his neck and said she did it.  I never inquired further, but he never trusted her after that and claimed that she always scowled at him.  As it turns out he was a bad influence and tried to con me out of everything I could and so I see it as her protecting or warning me of a person with a negative aura in our space.  I remember when I moved from there I had to of course take her down and box her up.

It was painful and took hours.  Hours.  There having been drug use in that house, there was much traffic in and out and everyone knew she was there and most came to disregard her - except for when we saw her move.  To this day I hate taking her down, but I  must to change her clothes.  I do so only every few months and I hate it every time.  So that was when we realized - 5-ish years after having her - and as to the why; I still am not sure.

Moving on to your next question; 'why horror flicks?'.  I myself have never been a fan of them.  It was all her.  Now, some of my favorite tales are twisted stories or horror movies.  I mentioned that I have a pic of an ex posing with her, but I also have an ex that she did not like.  Oh yeah.  And as it turns out, that particular girl tried to kill me three different times - and by that I mean she put a gun to my chest and pulled the trigger, and that's why she's in prison for.... probably a very long time.  "Mary" did not approve of her.  I have learned to trust her judgment more, obviously.

Where and when Mary is from was over 90% Orthodox Catholicism.  It still is, actually.  She ... didn't fit in, just as I don't now, and I know that even in life could see what others could not and for whatever reason found me and as explained in the above paragraphs is wary and defends me from those who seek harm based on dogmatic beliefs of a tyrannical God.  I agree.  Perhaps that's part of why.  What I mean is why horror flicks? - Well in that day and age anyone who wasn't Orthodox Catholic would've been prone to exile and Gods know what else.  Perhaps she's showing me part of her life and relating to me.  There is much I don't say and as well much that I don't know just yet.

As far as your last question:  I don't trust a lot of scrying.  I have and know how to use tarot cards, runes, etc, but I honestly don't trust them here and I'll tell you why.  Scrying is largely interpretation.  I feel I may have some subconscious bias which may influence a reading, you see.  I rely on dreams, and I have made a tool for that.  I took up jewelry crafting and made a special chain, not unlike a Christian rosary which she wears.  That said, It's made with the same method, of linking beads together with wire turned to chain, but nothing like their idea of a "rosary".  I don't pray.  Allow me to explain.  It's a chain of stone and crystal beads linked by handmade chain in a shape; a shape of a rune, adorned with charms and bindrunes that bring us together.

This "chain" is our link.  When I'm here, downstairs, she holds it in her hand.  When I go upstairs to sleep, I take the chain from her and sleep with it.  When I awake and go back downstairs, I drape it back over her hand to hold.  Back and forth.  I have this thing where I don't like traditional methods so to speak, and so this is my method - to absorb her energy and for her to absorb mine, and I sleep with it near me so she may appear to me in my dreams.  And she does - though I rarely remember my dreams, I know she does, and that's a story for another day.  So yes, in my own way I seek and work to dig deeper, although not through traditional scrying methods.  Being so near and dear to her you see, I just am not sure I can trust my intuition to be without bias.

I hope that answered your questions.  Feel free to hit me up whenever as I am on this journey to understand this spirit.  Thank you so much,


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