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The dreamer already knows? Who knows?


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Hello @ll,

sometimes I remember coming back at nights and it seems I was confident where I came from. But I can't remember enough, mostly just the end of the "dream" coming back to the body.

F.e. something was at my physical body, and I know I came back through the door and was upset that I have to come back to my body because of this being there making trouble (could be an illusion).

Or other examples: I come back to the body and don't know where I am here and what "here" is. But I always know I have to wait until I remember my name, my room and so on.... Otherwise it happened that I look at my cabinet beside the bed, which is no cabinet until I stare long enough at this energy formation and focus and concentrate until it takes its form again.

The one who comes back - it feels sometimes that he knows much more and is familiar with the other worlds.


But I had lucid dreams (not many, a couple) and I didn't know anything except that I am lucid. It was new to me - not well known.

Or my first energy-body (light body?) experience, which felt very familiar like "aahhh here I am suddenly... I know this", but there was no knowledge... I would have to explore and learn again (I guess).

Same as I was flying to another universe - less than "half aware"- and I had no clue what is going on and there was fear (Star wars light speed is getting "real".. and than black... no stars nothing). It wouldn't have worked fully aware. But it seems like you only get how many you can handle.


Does someone has some insights on this?


Very interesting was the other topic about reincarnating as a "mixed up" being, because energy formation/consciousness incarnates as someone different/new.

Where does the dreamer "who knows" has his knowledge from if he isn't someone who knows this for a long time? Just the training during life and all the years within this life we are just not aware of?

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Know, see, create? Which is which? Can seeing be an act of creation? Can an act of creation be a form of knowing? Is not creation an act of sight and knowledge?

Anyways, the idea of 'the dreamer "who knows"' is something you'll come to explore a lot in the tradition, should you choose to pursue it.

The idea of knowing being built upon experiences which are filtered through a system of previously establish logical structures allow for pieces of knowledge which are then used to restructure the whole hodgepodge of the and how it interprets the world.

You can 'know' outside of your mind's systems. It's a form of being connected to something. EG, you don't have to know the history of a baseball bat is or what it tends to be used for to pick it up and use it to hit something. Just like a bat has a certain shape that allows it to easily be used for certain things and 'touching' it allows you to use it for those things, a dreamer can 'touch' certain energies to 'know' those things.

A coffee table with a stain has it's history written on it, with a bit of flexibility and experience, you can read the 'threads' of history connected with things. Always a good idea to validate those threads of history.

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13 hours ago, Alex said:


What does this mean?

13 hours ago, Alex said:

a dreamer can 'touch' certain energies to 'know' those things.


13 hours ago, Alex said:

A coffee table with a stain has it's history written on it, with a bit of flexibility and experience, you can read the 'threads' of history connected with things. Always a good idea to validate those threads of history.

Ah ok - there you go. This happened once to me with my new flat. At nights I have seen the past here.i have no proof, but it makes sense.

I knew a hermetic man. Had a couple of talks with him. This is no easy path. His third eye is constantly open. He even had to admit that there are places he can't go alone, because he gets all the info of these places. It is like "feeling the suffering" is his full time job.

Would one like to have all this constantly? Seeing dead people all the time? Feel the suffering of old incidents... hearing people scream in pain in your head?

I don't know if he can stop his senses but it didn't sound like that. Very dramatic background in life. It seems that most of the people had dramatic events happening.

I have a lot of respect hearing these stories and couldn't imagine how people can deal with all that.

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On 10/25/2022 at 9:03 PM, PeZetKa said:

The one who comes back - it feels sometimes that he knows much more and is familiar with the other worlds.

Yeah totally. But i think the dream self and the waking self are components of the same thing, like an over soul or something,  so in some regards these two apparently disparate elements might just know different things about the same thing in question. I saw an alternate version of myself in the mirror once and he was like a character straight out of Lord of the Rings. Ever weary from his otherworldly journey and drudging on, somewhat savoring a moment of respite. You could tell he'd been through the ringer/really tough times. It seemed like he inhabited a mountainous landscape and a very vivid and beautiful terrain, while my area of expertise and knowing was more suburban and contemporary. Despite being stuck in the suburbs in my waking reality this other more vivid and real world was happening under my waking reality. The world he was immersed in was something straight out of a fantasy novel. Mine was more like a futuristic dystopian novel. Different archetypal worlds and happenings vibrating on different levels.  We looked at each other in the eyes and it was like... Wow... While " I'm " struggling with bureaucratic bullshit and listening to soul sucking hold music on my phone as i schedule some appointment there's a parallel happening in the more spiritual realms. I think reality is layered in such ways. They're interwoven and dancing together. The subconscious and the collecitive unconscious are happing all the time. the dream world and waking world are embedded within one another. 

I don't know if that helps. Or if i'm just telling you something you already know.

As a side note: If you want to lucid dream more often I recommend this simple waking life exercise: as you go about your day every 5 minutes or so ask yourself "Am I awake or dreaming?" Also every time you enter a new room or scene change ask yourself the same question. eventually this carries over into the dream state. Realize you're lucid. Then fly. Flying is only one dream skill but it's helpful. It's helped me a lot. 

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