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Healing... how much is possible?

Temporary Earthling

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I try to describe it in a way I think it is but it is all based on one experience:

When the 3rd eye is active - you can direct energy to the points of healing. So it needs "believe, intend/will".

But where does the energy come from?

I was smoking medical weed (I am no regular smoker) one day and listening to shamanic whistle music and meditated. I was told what to do 3 times but I didn't want to believe "is this my thought? Is this an illusion?" ... I was told to believe and my headache is gone. After the third time it was told to  me I did it. I believed. At that moment my 3rd eye become active and energy came into the 3rd eye (it seemed to come from the back of the head- from outside) and the third eye intuitively directed the energy to the area of the brain which was hurting.

Within two seconds the headache was gone. I could never repeat this.

1. 3rd eye would have to be active in a kind of way I can't force by will.

2. It seemed that I had help from outside sending the energy into my 3rd eye - and I can't "order" "hey please I would like to heal my back!" (would be nice)


As far as science goes, it should be possible to heal a lot. Even broken bones (f.e.). It makes sense but you have to find the way to do it. I would love to activate the 3rd eye as often as needed and direct the energy into my stiff back and neck - repeat and repeat it until perhaps some healing magic is happening. I know people who say they know people having 3rd teeth grown by will.


In the maker tradition:

Is this some type of goal you can reach for yourself or are these "gifts" from the spirit world from time to time and you can't chose when and what you can heal at yourself or others?


Could it be possible to work on this and in the end it is just the believe and the work you put in?

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I just read about healing in the maker tradition. Seems a different thing. Also very interesting. Moving Energie...

Seems like my experience was something like an "emergency" outside help. It wasn't fixing the root of the problem it was the fast shortcut.


Dejavue while typing... interesting.

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