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The tapestry of intent and my personal intent within it. Proper Attribution.


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There are a lot of things in this world that i don't want to be happening. For instance, I possess a hyper awareness of how cars are currently destroying the planet, from my perspective at least. It just sticks out to me as a sore thumb, and I rarely come across people who see it the way I do. The destructive nature of cars is super obvious to me and most people don't seem to give it a second thought. To me, even if all the other problems were taken away, we would still have to urgently deal with the pressing issue of car induced pollution and highways and pervasive asphalt and what not. But when i step out into the world come morning time, i intend for reality to be the way it is because it's so familiar and persistent and structural to my existence. I'm used to it. It almost defines my reality. So I intend for it to continue. There's a convenience store where i can buy my cigarettes and food. It might not be in my line of sight as I first set out through my apartment complex on my determined walk towards the store, but I intend for it to be there when i get there. And when I arrive it is always there. So am I sustaining the existence of said store through intent? Additionally, There are trucks driving cross country to ensure that the world continues on as it was yesterday, to ensure that this store has the products I seek, and even though i don't like that fact... I still intend for the food these trucks are delivering to be present at the store when i get to the store. I read in some shamans cave article that when we sit in a chair we intend for the chair to hold us up. So does my half-hearted intention that the world continue as I saw it to be yesterday speak ill of my personal intentions? Or am i just one soul trying to weave my own intents in a world of conflicting intents?

I read in a book about Hawaiian shamanism that we can re-dream aspects of our reality. So i imagined my Rite Aid (drug store) to be a butterfly tent. but nonetheless as i went throughout it searching for my Things, it surely did not look like a butterfly tent. the asphalt outside was not rivers of pure water. The automatic doors were not gates of pure light.  

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Hi ArcaneHuman,

Yes the world is so familiar what we see today we 'expect' that we see them tomorrow or the next day. So 'expectation' is not the same as intent. We help perpetuate the existence of whatever that 'is' not because of our moment to moment intent but because we had already agree, accept and expect that as part of our reality.

Although it could be a combination of 'expectation' and 'intent' for something to keep existing, like when you go to buy cigarette, first you expect that store to be there and you keep on buying help sustain the original intent of the owner. You go to groceries to buy your food, you expect that the products you are buying and the store still exist. Something that already visible and defined to us we 'expect' that it will do the same thing. When you sit in a chair, you 'expect' first that it will hold you up rather you intent to hold it up.

We keep the collective intent by supporting it buy patronizing it but we can intent something what we think right... we don't have to always agree what's our reality that has been created and set out.

So build your new reality by having clear intent and unbending will, Its like you sewing a cloth, fabric is your intent, the needle is your will..



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