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Tattva Attributions of Shamanic Plants DISCLOSURE, SHARE WIDELY, INTELLIGENCE ISSUE (SRC Mi6)


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Hello folks. So I'm a bit of an expert on Hinduism and such. I collaborated with the motherfuckers at the Mi6 and SRC and shared some stuff which shouldn't have been shared, got driven crazy after, well, murdering someone.

So in Hinduism (and Tibetan Buddhism), there is a system of Tattvas. Sattva is Goodness, Rajas is Passion, Tamas is Ignorance or Destruction. Shuddo Sattva is a special Tattva associated with Krishna Consciousness.

Alright so here are the proper attributions of Shamanic Plants:

Shuddo Sattva - Peyotl, San Pedro

Sattva - The Sacred Mushroom, The Body of Christ

Rajas - Ayahuasca, Yage

Tamas - The Ganja

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