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I want to do the Spirals Course, but need some more info. First what area of Amerika will I check the time frome. Also what do I need for my computer for this to work. Also If I could be told more about the course. My english failed me here. Its the word intent, even in translation i cant get a grip on it. I get what it means but still it has no meaning. Not even in Swedish. I need another word.



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Hi Sophia,


All the times for the courses are given in U.S. Eastern time zone hours which is UTC/GMT -5 hours. We have a number of people from Europe who take classes and also ones who teach them so it is possible to take them but it might be very early morning hours for you. All you really need for your computer to take them is a web browser. If you have a chat client already, you can use that but it's not necessary. There is a link for the class room that you can open in just about any browser.


There is an underlying energy that flows through everything in this universe that is called, 'intent.' Without intent, nothing moves, it is the animating force of the universe. I know you asked the meaning of the word to get a better grasp of the definition but it is important to point out that 'intent' is only a word that attempts to describe something that can't really be expressed in words, only felt. What the Spirals class does it teach you how to first connect with the feeling of that energy and then learn how to start using it first, to heal your past intents and next, learn how to start creating new intents that will bring you the life you choose to have.


I know that there are others here, who English is not their first language, who may be able to speak better on this but I think it is the same for native English speakers, in order to get the meaning of the lessons, you need to connect with the energy of the words.



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Hi Sofia,


The time zone was a tricky one for me. Basically, if you compare time with New York, you'll be in the correct time zone. Also, watch out for daylight savings.


Intent is a bit complicated. Perhaps look up 'intend'. One description of intent is to have the mind or will focused and fixed on a desired outcome. Think about when you say you are going to do something but don't really mean it and when you say you are going to do it and then set about doing it. the difference in feeling between the two is your intent. In the second situation, you tapped into an energy within you which is your intent.


When someone does something and we don't understand why, we usually ask 'but what was the intent?' What was the think they meant to have happen. Or intention.


That's generally about the meaning of the word. What I'm learning here is there is an energy underneath that, that I can tap into and that energy is what is looked at. I think it makes more sense if the class is being done :)


Sorry if that doesn't help.

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