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Bad smell during a purification ritual.


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I have asked out sources, with little to no avail, so I figured I would ask here.


A few weeks back now, I was asked to purify someone's house. During the ritual I was burning sage and moving the smoke about the area.


Almost immediately, there where complaints from another of the household about the smell of burning metal. Which was an legitamet complaint.


At this point, I was finished the job, I used tobacco, sage, cedar and sweet grass, in a clay pot with the bottom lined with quartz. Doing a small dance with a rattle, it seemed my little fire consumed all of its flresources quicker then I have seen. However the smell left and the negativity broke.


I know there was something and it was removed. I am just curious... what is capable of making a burning metal smell, and has anyone else dealt with something like this?

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