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Under spiritual Attack

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I consulted a shaman 3 years ago after experiencing terrible nightmares, feelings of invisible presence touching me, extreme fatigue and depression. She told me that my 10th and 4th dimensions were being attacked from "angry birdlike entities" and that portals were being corrupted. I have experienced extreme withdrawal and bad luck an estrangement from others including losing interest in life. The nightmares include being sexually attacked, mutilated, trapped and a sense of being conditioned. Little has worked and the bad luck and sense of dread seem to increase including a slow disconnection from myself. Could anyone help?

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Hi Mklem,


Little has worked and the bad luck and sense of dread seem to increase including a slow disconnection from myself. Could anyone help?


Yes. There are a couple of things you can do. First, you need to stop the attacks on your energy in dreaming. In the energetic world, things cannot take your energy without your agreement in some way. This doesn't mean that you openly agreed, it can be a more subtle type of agreement. They could play on your fears and desires, offering you something in response to them - say to protect you or please you. You want to form an intent before going to sleep that you will say No to any offers. Intent is a large subject and we devote several classes to it here so I can't really break it down all for you right now but if you set a thought before going to sleep and will it with all you can that you are not going to hold on to your energy and say no to anyone or thing that wants it. If you become aware in the dream, you will need to stand your ground there as well.


There will be resistance when you do this from whatever it is, after all, they have been successful until this point. But the bottom line is they can't take it if you don't give it and no one has a right to your energy but you, so push back and they will eventually leave you alone.


You can learn a little bit more about intent here:http://www.shamanscave.com/seer-path/intent-and-will/


The second thing you need to do is work on the ways that your energy is being hooked. Take a good look at the dreams you've been in and see where it feeds into the fears and needs of your life, the things that 'push your buttons.'


Once you've identified them, you can work to self-heal the connection. You can work with the basic Recap exercise here: http://www.shamanscave.com/self-healing/the-recapitulation


If it were me, I would work first with recapping the dreams themselves and take your energy back from them. Your goal is to reach a level of detachment where

your energy can't be 'hooked' in the way it has. This type of detachment is not the same as losing interest in life or a sense of dread from a sense of disconnection with yourself. It's a position of strength where you are free to act with clarity and from your own sense of purpose in life.


It's not an instant fix but once they let go, the nightmares should stop. You will still want to recover your energy from this experience though.


Hope this helps

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Thanks for the response! In your opinion does it seem like I'm under attack? My luck has gone from bad to worse even experiencing several bouts of homelessness and a smothering sensations. I cancled all contracts known and unknown, which seemed to make the situation a little better, and told all attackers to go back to the clear white light. I took in a homeless man several years ago and he might be the one I have nightmares about and follows me in the dreams. not sure if it was him, but felt attacked and an oppressive air when he was in the house. I did cleansing rituals yet the mood was grim and things deteriorated after that. Sorry for the long question, but I was thinking maybe your site could be benefitcial if you think it would be.

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It sounds like a possibility but it could also be that it is an energy pattern of your own working against you. But if this is not something that has been part of your life for some time and kind of random or sudden, then it's probably something external. We are just starting a new session, two classes: Recap and Spirals work on healing past patterns and retrieving past intents and learning how to work with intent, they might be helpful to you. Recap I starts this Tuesday and Spirals I starts this Thursday.


You can try out the basic recap using the link I posted above. If you do, I would start with the memories involving and surrounding the homeless man and especially the ones involving feeling attacked and oppressed, It should help to alleviate/release the emotions you have still connected to him. It can also help point you in the directions of other memories you need to work on. You could try this and see how it goes and see if you would like to do more through the classes.



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