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not sure if im in the right place but ill try anyway. since childhood i find myself being able to see threw people to sense their pain and emotion to see things that other cant feeling my way around everywhere and everything i find that i am able to heal not just from laying on hands but to pull their sickness,pain and suffering into myself i feel it but they no longer do. i see visions of thing to be and things that have all ready come to pass i just feel so lost in it all i want to know where do i go to learn how to use this properly are there more like me out there i feel like this has a purpose and i must pursue it but i dont know how its all so confusing i feel lost and was hopeing someone could point me in the right direction sorry for the bad spelling



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Hi waynard,


It can get rough out there for sensitive people, I urge you to read through some of the articles on the main website and see if that resonates with you. Some of the things you might find helpful - on the short term, try to stay well grounded, spend time in nature, take some walks in the woods or a park you like, or just hang around in your favourite nature spot. Here's a little article on grounding with a little more information and things you can do: http://www.shamanscave.com/practices/grounding- it can really help you to regain your balance and let go some of the stuff you soak in through your day.


In this tradition we start healing with the self, and the way I see it, it's the only way to ensure balance in the long term. The recapitulation ( http://www.shamanscave.com/self-healing/the-recapitulation) is a method for self-healing and retrieving your energy from past experiences that are still draining you. By the way, pulling things into yourself for healing others isn't generally a very good idea, if you take on pain from other people as your own, that's not really healing but carrying the load of other people for them, which in the long run isn't good for you and doesn't really give the other person opportunity for true healing either.


We offer online classes, though at the moment we're in the middle of a session, but it's something to keep in mind if you find the articles interesting and helpful. In the least I hope they give you a sense you're not the only crazy (or sane, depending on your perspective) person in the world :)


If you have any questions, they're very welcome here in the forums.


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To add to what Kai said, one of the things we ultimately teach here is how to use your own abilities, with your own energy, to help heal others' energy without internalizing it yourself. It sounds like you are naturally talented and gifted, but that can also feel like an alienating burden in the world. But there are others like you. And your psychic abilities of premonition... we call it seeing. Like Kai said, grounding yourself, and self-healing through recapitulation, will ultimately help you be who you are in the world without suffering from it-- whether or not you feel the shamanic path is the path for you.


I wish you the best. Know that you are not alone and you can always post here and ask for advice. But please do consider taking the recapitulation: self-healing class, next time it is offered. From personal experience I can tell you that it is a great tool that can leave you unflickering in the maelstrom.




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