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Hooks, soul loss, and . . .


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Hi Douglas,


A hook is a place where people can hang their hats and coats in your energy and they do that with your agreement, with time you realize (and some do not) that you don't have any space for your own hat and coat...


They are usually emotional in nature. If you look at relationships for example especially the more intimate kind people tend to choose someone they can hook into. Often they say "she/he is pushing my buttons..." those buttons are hooks, places where human are vulnerable emotionally, by that I mean that the result of the pushing is a reaction, an emotional one that was chosen a long time a go. Things that always make you angry, fearful, sad or happy, your reaction is always the same, it has become a hook. In other words you don't chose where you stand emotionally you just react. That is not freedom. So the recap and other classes as well, Quicksilver and Spirals help create a space in your energy so you no longer have to react anymore but choose your emotional position you can do that when the hooks are erased.


Of course you discover personal responsibility as well in this process and that's the hard part for people. As long as the hooks are in place you can blame others for your emotional reactions, once they are erased you become solely responsible for how you feel.


In the maker tradition so far I have not heard the term "soul loss" being used. The energy trapped in your past is certainly lost to you from a "usable" point of view but you can get it back and then use it, it is a matter of intent and will working through the self-healing process.



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Now one more question regarding hooks.

Not only people, but other non-human energetic forms might also hang a hat or a coat there, (if he-she-or-it cared to and I agreed of course). Correct?

Comment? Anyone?

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Ah...so . . . .

Cool. Thanks.


Anyone else care to add anything?

(Ghosties? "Entities"? Duplicitous spirit-charlatans? Impersonal amorphous forces seeking physical expression? "Energy beings" seeking food/fuel?)


I apologize. I'm new. And surely showing it here big-time. This was not a frivolous question. And Cyfnos has answered it succinctly and probably completely.

However, I would welcome any other comments.



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With regard to non-human energies, there are many out there. Most of them have about as much awareness of us as we do of them, and most of the rest have little interest in us. As Cyfnos said, nothing can hook onto you without your permission.



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