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Dreamstone polishing?


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Hello everyone.
Its more like a question then a discussion, so i don't know if its right thing to place a new topic here. If its not excuse me i am new here. :D
So the thing is I made my dreamstone and it works really nice! But I am thinking about polishing (tumbling) it using jar with sand and water. The question is does the dreamstone's effect will be destroyed durning the process? Will I Have to repeat the dreamstone's creation process or will it become unusable?

Thank you!

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Its hard to answer this question with a simple yes or no. Dreaming stones work through your intent, an agreement between you and the stone, and your dreaming energy. If you tumble your stone it may affect how well it works, it may not. I would tend not to polish it but if you work with your stone, talk to it, see if it would still work afterwards, it may be okay. I would only wonder why you wanted to tumble it in the first place? Is it for vanity (i.e. so it looks nice) or because you think its supposed to be polished (because all the rock shop stones are polished). Those reasons may not fall in line with the overall agreement/intent you have with the stone. If, however, you are polishing it to help its performance because there is something you sense/feel/see that would make it work better then, go ahead and polish it.


I don't think there would be any real bad consequences from polishing it. It just might not work as well for you afterwards. If you do go ahead with the polishing, write back and let us know how it affected it.



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